Is This The World's Best Evidence Of The Paranormal Caught On Camera?

February 28, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts

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Over the last few days, a clip of a ghostly shape emerging from behind a gravestone in the dark, spooky graveyard has gone viral. The paranormal investigator who shot it has said that it is probably the world's best capture of a ghost.

The evidence was captured on camera by Mark Davies during a ghost hunt at Falmouth General Cemetery in Cornwall. Mark posted the clip on his YouTube channel, Cornwall Ghost Hunting, and since then people have been watching and re-watching the clip to try to determine its authenticity.

The video starts with the message "probably the best capture in the world of spirits showing themselves from beyond the grave with their own light sources" ...but is it?

The clip does show a white object emerge from the side of a gravestone, apparently shot in complete darkness. Although obviously the gravestone is also visible, so it's entirely possible that whatever is lighting the gravestone is also lighting the object, most likely an infrared source.

What Do You Think?

Is this the world's best evidence of the paranormal?


In a follow up video Mark said, "what I want is an expert to try to debunk this, because you can't debunk it. It's impossible." We would have to agree with that. Because the video is so blurry, out-of-focus and low resolution it's hard to make out exactly what has been captured on camera, which means no one can fully debunk it by offering a rational explanation for what caused it, but that does mean it's not irrefutable proof of the paranormal either.

It could be a ghost... but it could also be a tree moving, or a human or a deer.... a duck! Who knows.

The footage, which Mark labels as "the most concrete evidence you can get," also includes what he describes as moments where figures are seen walking on the marsh in the background and then disappearing. As well as light anomalies 20 feet away, glowing bright and then dimming and moving.

The clip is very similar in nature to the figure seen in Chad Calek's Sir Noface film, although this latest cemetery video is of a much lower quality. Both clips do show something odd, it's just not clear what it is or isn't.

The Sir Noface clip was equally as hard to debunk because it's a very short clip and the footage is very grainy. It could be a person entering the shot, it could be CGI, it could be a real ghost. It's impossible to tell.

If we were able to rule out fakery and non-paranormal causes from both clips, then you'd probably agree that Chad's video would be better evidence of the paranormal, as it is less ambiguous, clearly a figure and is shot in crisp HD quality. So on that basis, we'd have to say that no, Mark's cemetery footage isn't the world's best evidence of the paranormal caught on camera,

We're not saying for a moment that Mark has intentionally faked this footage, we're not even saying that it isn't paranormal. We're just saying that, unfortunately, the video proves nothing. It's merely a blur of motion and odd lights which can't be identified.

Let us know what you think of the clip in the comments below.

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