How To Get Items For An Illuminati Initiation Ceremony

July 24, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Long Reads

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Secrets Of The Illuminati Revealed

Once again The Illuminati have invited me to prepare for an initiation ceremony, but in order to get things moving I have to buy some special items.

I spoke to an Illuminati recruitment agent named James White, he and his colleagues use a few different phone numbers, which include +2349067123738, +2349067123738, +2347050480047, +2349050606649, +2347038776921, +2348100720930 and +23408141804288.

James first got in touch by leaving a comment on my website, it included one of these phone numbers, so I sent him a message on WhatsApp and wasted about six hours of his life, time he could have spent scamming other people. His original message said:


We support you both spiritually , financially, physically and materially to ensure you live a comfortable life. It does not matter which part of the world you live in . From the united states down to the most remote part of the earth, we bring you all you want. Being an illiterate or a literate is not a barrier to being a millionaire between today and the next two weeks. You being in this our official website today signifies that it was ordered and arranged by the great lucifer that from now on, you are about to be that real and independent human you have always wished you were. We don’t discriminate if you are white or black.

WhatsApp: +2349067123738 or WhatsApp me on +2349067123738 or send an email to for the next up coming initiation.
Higgypop: Hello, is this the Illuminate please?

James White: Yes, how many are help you

Higgypop: you posted on my cat blog about joining your prestigious organisation. I don't know if I am worthy but I would like to apply please.

James White: How do you get my count

Higgypop: count?

James White: I m asking you

Higgypop: Yes, but what does count mean?

James White: I said that do you counting me for help

Higgypop: What???? Why do you keep talking about counting?? What are you trying to say?

James White: Do you really ready to join us here

Higgypop: I don't know, it depends what's involved. I've always wanted to join but I don't know anything about the Illuminati because it is secret.

James White: Ok. No human and no women blood sacrifice

Higgypop: The Illuminati does sacrifice humans!

James White: No human no women blood sacrifice

Higgypop: Yes, the illuminati sacrifice celebrities.

James White: How

Higgypop: Everyone know the Illuminati killed Prince, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Agatha Christie, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many many more...

Higgypop: My main reason for joining is because I want to help sacrifice celebrities

James White: No it because of their disobedience

Higgypop: But still they were killed. Therefore the Illuminati IS an organisation that kills.

James White: Yes

Higgypop: So why did you say they didn't?

James White: That is why I don't want you to know that it

Higgypop: Why? Everyone knows that.

James White: What is your name. I old are you

Higgypop: Well, why don't you introduce yourself first, that would be polite? My name is Steve Higgins and I am 35 years of oldness.

James White: What is your occupation

Higgypop: I asked you to introduce yourself

James White: We're are you chat from

Higgypop: I'm not going to give all my details to a stranger. What is your name?

James White: My name is James White

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Man with Illuminati Book

Higgypop: Oh, I know him! Why have you sent me a photo of him? I have that book too. Shall I take a photo of me with it?

James White: Yee
Steve Higgins Illuminati Book

Higgypop: Have you read it? It's pretty funny isn't it. I wasn't sure if a real Illuminate member would find it funny or not though?

James White: It ain't funny bruv

Higgypop: It is, it's a comedy book. A spoof book, that's not a REAL Illuminati book.

James White: Hahaha

Higgypop: No, seriously. It's a spoof book. It's available on Amazon. It is very funny. Anyway, can you help me?

James White: Yes I can that's why I'm here

Higgypop: Where are you from James?

James White: In Nigerian

Higgypop: That makes sense because the Illuminati are all very wealthy. Nigeria is a rich country?

James White: All you need to do now you are to fill in the form first immediately okay

Higgypop: ok

James White: We're are you chat from

Higgypop: Bedfordshill

So you want to become a great member of the Illuminati kingdom you have to fill the real Illuminati form and get back to us immediately.
PHONE NUMBER:__________

Higgypop: Oh I hate forms

James White: I you really ready to fill in the form

Higgypop: What?

James White: You are not my question

Higgypop: What? You're not making sense

SURNAME: Higgins
NAME: Steve
GENDER: Greckterphobe
AGE: 35
COUNTRY: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Wales
STATE: Happy
CITY: London
PARENTS NAMES: Gary and Simon
SKILLS/TALENTS/SKILLS: What? Why is skills here twice?
MARITAL STATUS: Married, one kid, but that didn't work out so I married an adult.
PHONE NUMBER: You have it
MONTHLY INCOME: I don't work
REASON FOR JOINING: I want to kill/sacrifice celebrities

James White: Ok

Higgypop: So, how do we get started?

James White: The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, and other influential members of this planet. Our collective unites influencers of the world in an unrestrictive and private domain, free of political, religious, and geographical boundaries to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.

Higgypop: Right

James White: Have u go true it

Higgypop: True?

James White: Ok

James White: Illuminati the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. This includes:
Long-term prosperity. Be extradinary from the rest.
Fame - Join us and become internationally recognized.
Power - Illuminati is one of the most powerful families.
Money - Join us today and kick out your financial problems.

Higgypop: Are you internationally recognised then?

James White: Make sure you are going true it okay

Higgypop: What do you mean by true? I am always honest if that's what you mean.

James White: Not really just want to know

Higgypop: OK, well everything I have said is true

James White: OK

James White: I want you to trust me and take my words so that you can achieve your dreams of becoming a millionaire and billionaire okay... I will do everything possible for you to be a member of the great Illuminati organization okay

Higgypop: Millionaire AND billionaire? That would be like a billion-millionaire!

James White: You'll have to send us a scanned or attached copy of your identity card so that we will have an idea of the person we are dealing with considering the above conditions of this organization, if they are acceptable to you, you are advice to give me a quick response.

Higgypop: OK, I am just on my way home. I will take the photo of my driving license when I am there in about 7 minutes

James White: Okay, be fast so we can go folder

Higgypop: Folder? What do you mean?

James White: I mean u should be fast to send it

Higgypop: Oh, why did you say FOLDER then?

James White: It was the key board mistake
Fake Driving License

James White: Are u sending it

Higgypop: I already have, idiot

James White: Okay

Higgypop: 👍

James White:
In accordance to the supreme leader of the elite. You are expected to agree to the following
1. Keep our relationship a secret
2. Pay your regular dues every year
3. Help other members in any way you can
4. Fight to keep the society in peace and order
5. Go through all the process of joining the elite
6. Obey our rules and regulations‎

If you agree to the above. You are advise to say a YES or NO so as to know if we can proceed. NOTE that you are not force to join us it is on your decision

Signed by: MR JAMES 
(initiation agent)

Higgypop: That is mostly fine but I have a couple of questions. It says signed Mr James.... your name is Mr White isn't it?

James White: That's the name of the grand master PA

Higgypop: And what does KingsleeKwebelem mean? Sorry, I'm new to all of this.

James White: That's the place where ur initiation we be don

Higgypop: What? That's not a place?!?

James White: That's the name of the house

Higgypop: Where is it?

James White: At california

Higgypop: Oh OK great, that's not too far from me. I'll look it up on the Google Mapping system and see.

Higgypop: What are the regular dues?

James White: To re-new ur initiation

Higgypop: So how frequent are these payments and how much are they?

James White: I need to earn your trust..without trust we can't go far. I want to let you know that I have helped a lot of people and I know you won't be the last

Higgypop: OK, but still I need to know these details. I might not be able to afford to make the regular payments.

James White: Know

Higgypop: Know what? What do I know?

James White: To be a full member of the Illuminati, you are to get some items which will beside for your initiation

Higgypop: Yes, but I need to know about these regular dues. Please can you explain, I don't know if I'll be able to afford it.

James White: Okay, i want you to know the initiation items which will be use to initiate you

Higgypop: Wait! I want to know about the regular dues. There's no point carrying on if I can't afford the regular dues. I need to know how much I have to pay and how often.

James White: The regular dues is like a firm if offering to lord baphoment

Higgypop: No, regular dues means regular payments. Don't you understand your own rules?

James White: Pay your dues regularly that is the law not regular due

Higgypop: Yes.... I NEED to know how much the dues are and how regularly. Are you new?

James White: Do you even know the amount of the dues

Higgypop: That's what I'm asking!!!!! I've asked about twenty times how much the dues are and how often I have to pay.

James White: 100$

Higgypop: $100. OK, good. How often?

James White: Any time you go to the temple

Higgypop: No, that wouldn't be what REGULAR means. Go away and check.

James White: Don't understand

Higgypop: I want you to check with your masters how often the REGULAR $100 needs to be paid. REGULAR DUES are paid usually either yearly, monthly, weekly. I need to know how often I have to pay $100.

James White: OK let me ask him

Higgypop: Thank you

James White: OK, the grand master seld that is muothly

Higgypop: Monthly? OK great thanks, so you are not a member then?

James White: Who told you that

Higgypop: Well you obviously don't pay regular dues and that is rule number two.

Higgypop: Hang on!! THE GRAND MASTER IS WRONG!!! I've just noticed, the rules say "2. Pay your regular dues every year" YEARLY! Not monthly!

James White: Are u trying to say am not real agent or what

Higgypop: Well, explain to me why YOU didn't know it was yearly. It says YEARLY in the rules YOU sent me, I just didn't notice but you should KNOW.

James White: Not yearly OK are you to tell me the rules

Higgypop: YOU said yearly! Not me. I know the rules better than you. You didn't even know what REGULAR DUES meant, let alone how often they had to be paid and when you asked your grand master he GOT IT WRONG

James White: It's a mistake from key board I told you before

Higgypop: So is it monthly or yearly?

James White: Monthly I seld

Higgypop: Yes you did say but you also said that REGULAR meant you pay it whenever you go to the temple... which is COMPLETELY WRONG. So I need to check in case you make any more mistakes.

Higgypop: $100 a month is fine. So, what's next?

James White: For you to join the great Illuminati you will have to be initiated and for your initiation to take place there are some certain items you Will need to purchase :
1 Edin
2 Ogirigon
3 Illuminati Saint
4 Illuminati Oil
5 Mustard Seed
6 A lamb
7. A big Native Goat to replace human Blood
8. Trunk
9. White cowries
10. Native chalk
11. Eboriwo
12. Red kola with five face
13. Eagle's Heart to represent bravery
All together is $4500

Higgypop: $4500 is fine for the initiation, that's not too much.

James White: Know not much

Higgypop: Know what? You don't know much? Or I don't know much?

James White: I said it's not much

Higgypop: No, it's not

James White: Can you get the items

Higgypop: Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. There's an occult store near me and three of my friends are in the Illuminate. When do I need it by?

James White: Can u get them all

Higgypop: Yeah, I don't see why not. A lamb and goat, easy... my family run a farm.

Higgypop: Edin, ogriigon, eboriwo and trunk I should be able to get from the occult store, it's only about two miles away.

Higgypop: Illuminati Saint and oil, I don't know what that is but my friends can get that for me.

Higgypop: Mustard seed, native chalk and white cowries are obviously easy to get, just in the supermarket.

James White: Y did u not tell ur friend to initiate u

Higgypop: Well because you are not allowed to invite a friend or family member, they must get in on their own merit. You should know this.

James White: Who told u that

Higgypop: I can't tell you his name obviously. Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to know but he told me when he was drunk. It seems like I know more about the rules than you!

James White: U are lieing right

Higgypop: What? That's what my friend said

James White: Send me ur friend number

Higgypop: No, he'll get in trouble for telling me the secrets

James White: Am a member right so u can not tell me my rules okay

Higgypop: No, you should know I can't tell that

James White: U are not really

Higgypop: I can't give you his number, sorry

Higgypop: Anyway, forget that sir, when do I need these items by?

James White: By tomorrow

Higgypop: OK that's fine

James White: How are you going to get it

Higgypop: Well like I said, it's all pretty easy to get. I just asked my friend about Illuminati Saint and oil...
Fake Facebook Chat

James White: Which supermarket

Higgypop: Walmart

James White: If u can get them let me now so I call someone to get them for me an bring it to our temple

Higgypop: Oh it should be fine.

Higgypop: Mustard seed is pretty cheap
White Cowries At Walmart
James White: Can u send the money to the person so them can get it for u

Higgypop: It would be quicker if I went and got it myself tonight.

James White: What u are sending is not even what we need here

Higgypop: Yes it is, mustard seed are mustard seeds. How can mustard seed be anything else? There's a whole page of different types, shall I just buy one of each?

Higgypop: I'm going to go to Walmart now. I should have everything within 24 hours. Please can you tell me the address of the temple, I couldn't find KingsleeKwebelem on Google Maps.

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