Jack & Kelly Osbourne Board A Haunted Ocean Liner For A Halloween Ghost Hunt

October 18, 2021 7:00 PM ‐ TelevisionParanormalHalloween

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Climb aboard the infamous RMS Queen Mary for a night of ghost hunting with siblings Jack and Kelly Osbourne in the new two-hour special, 'Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror'.

Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror – The Queen Mary
Brother-sister duo Jack and Kelly Osbourne reprise their ghost-hunting roles for Discovery+ aboard the supremely haunted Queen Mary ocean liner.

Climb aboard the infamous RMS Queen Mary this Halloween for a night of ghost hunting with the ghost-hunting siblings in the new two-hour special, 'Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror', launching Sunday, October 24 exclusively on Discovery+, as part of the platform's "Ghostober" programming event.

As the only guests on board and the first to spend the night on the 80,000-ton ship in over a year, Jack and Kelly are in for a terrifying multi-day investigation on the historic haunted vessel known for having an abundance of unsettling and chilling paranormal activity. It's a frightening and unforgettable investigation complete with classic Osbourne sibling squabbles, expletives and a few dogs, of course.

"The last time I worked with Kelly doing a ghost hunt, it was kind of a warmup," said Jack. "We confirmed that she has some legitimate psychic abilities. But this time is a lot different. The Queen Mary is legendary, and has a long, well-documented history – both in terms of real-life events and the supernatural. There’s a lot to unpack here. With the ship empty for so long, it's like a pressure cooker of bottled-up paranormal activity... that we’re facing head on."

Jack introduced his sister to the paranormal last year and turned her skepticism into a curiosity of the unknown. Now, he's bringing her to the Queen Mary for a terrifying three-day investigation.

For decades, people have ventured onto the ship, docked in Long Beach, California, for a glimpse of the other side. This once-elegant ocean liner has been closed to the public since early 2020, but it is hardly empty.

The skeleton crew of security and maintenance workers have experienced unsettlingly aggressive paranormal activity including scratches, threatening footsteps thundering down the hall and vivid apparitions. And it gets worse by the day. Jack and Kelly come aboard to investigate the infamous ghost ship alone, with a special guest appearance from psychic medium Cindy Kaza.

'Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror – The Queen Mary' begins streaming Sunday, October 24 exclusively on Discovery+.

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