Future Hit: 'Lick Da Sweat'

September 04, 2016 11:34 AM

After ten years working in the radio industry, I know a hit when I hear one and I can tell you that The Button Pushers have a huge smash on their hands.

'Lick Da Sweat' is the musical baby of Small, Surf, Hoody and Wattsie AKA The Button Pushers.  The  track may sound fresh but it's been sitting on a hard drive collecting digital dust for the best part of a decade but something so great can only be contained for so long.

Head Button Pusher, Small remembers the day the song sprung to life, "I was rudely awoken early one Saturday morning in Bristol, by a bunch of then colleagues (radio producers) who were still partying hard from the night before.  They decided to fire up the studio and put what remained of their creative juices to the test.  They asked if I would like to join them, and of course I did."

Small arrived at the studio, following the sound of laughs and banter and was greeted by three very red-eyed, slightly worse for wear buddies, Chris Crickmay (Surf), Adam Hood (Hoody) and Mark Watts (Wattsie).  Taking the helm, they started to put things together.  Hoody on guitar, Surfy on the mic, and Wattsie, well... Being Wattsie.

"From what I can remember we tried a few ideas, and nothing really worked.  It was Surf who suggested recording a song with lyrics he had written as a teenager.  And so it began."

Small laid down some sick beats, Hoody starting strumming away, Surf spat some filthy rhymes, all of which he remembered from the top of his head.  Small got the honour of singing the lovely hook in his then pure young soprano voice while Wattsie did backing vocals.  In fact apart from the backing vocals, Mark's only real contribution to the track is the line "ya knows it", but it is one of our favourite bits and it became a bit of a catchphrase for the band for a while.

A few hours, beers and laughs later, the song was done.  Small says "I then took it away and did the best part of f**k all with it.  It was only about ten years later that I happened to stumble across it whilst rummaging through old hard drives.  I hit play couldn't stop laughing so decided to re-work it and write loads of new parts around it.  I played it to a few friends and family members who insisted I share it online, so I started thinking about a video."

Now complete with a lyric video to provide a fancy visual element to accompany the music, finally 'Lick Da Sweat' gets to see the light of day and once you hear it, it's going to be stuck in your head all day!

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