Magic Up A Dinosaur With A Potion

August 26, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Dinosaurs maybe extinct but you don’t need science and all that made up rubbish to bring them one back, you can make your own using magic. Now you can experience the magic of Jurassic World in your own home.

1. Amazonian Marsh Water

Dinosaur Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is 0.6 square meters of Amazonian marsh water into your cauldron. If you don't have any of this lying around the house, you can pick it up easily on eBay.

2. A Volcanic Rock

Dinosaur Potion

Then add a volcanic rock from the time era of your choosing, I'm using a rock from the cretaceous period. This will influence which dinosaur you get.

3. Clifford Tonic

Dinosaur Potion

Next you'll need some clifford tonic, just one drip is enough to get the reaction started.

4. Pearly Peters & Sapphire McNuggets

Dinosaur Potion

A secret ingredient that can be found in the rainforest of south-east Norfolk, some Pearly Peters and Sapphire McNuggets. Empty both of the small jars into your cauldron and then put the lid on and leave your potion to stand.

5. Remove The Egg

Dinosaur Potion

When ready, you should find an egg as formed in the bottom of the cauldron, remove it carefully with an Anderson glove. It's a T-Rex egg.

6. Place In Nest

Dinosaur Potion

Next make a comfy nest for the egg to lay in until it hatches, I made a nest for my egg out of brown paper.

7. Incubate

Dinosaur Potion

You'll need to keep your egg warm during the incubation period. I used an old sock as a blanket to keep it warm.

8. Hatchling

Dinosaur Potion

Your egg should hatch within 7.8 days.

9. Fully Grown

Dinosaur Potion

Remember to ask a parent's permission before creating your own dinosaur as even an infant dinosaur can be quite large.

10. Feeding

Dinosaur Potion

You'll need to feed your dinosaur. The type of food varies depending on the type of dinosaur you create but tyrannosaurus rex loves pine nuts.

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