Make It Rain Candy With A Magic Potion

April 08, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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In 1852, residents of a small German town called Heffénflof reported some of the strangest weather ever seen. For three hours the town was bombarded with candy from above. By 2pm that day, Heffénflof was full of candy to roof-level and to this day they are the biggest exporter of confectionary in Europe.

The instruction below will tell you how you can make a potion to make it rain candy. First take your cauldron and place it over a lit flame.

1. Cokington Cola

Rain Candy Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is one litre of cola, pour the whole bottle into your cauldron as your base liquid.

2. An Humbug

Rain Candy Potion

Next drop one humbug into the cauldron, this is a classic British candy that was popular around the time of the German incident.

3. Chocolate Ants

Rain Candy Potion

Then add a handful of chocolate covered ants. These are a delicious snack consisting of real ant covered in pure milk chocolate. The crunchy bit is the thorax.

4. Das Pretzentizer

Rain Candy Potion

Then add one German pretzel, which you can purchase from any pretzatillian store across Europe.

5. Obvistarium

Rain Candy Potion

The add half a tea spoon of crystallised obvistarium.

6. Coloured Pellets

Rain Candy Potion

Give your mixture a good stir with a wooden spoon and bring it to the boil. The potion should form small coloured pellets. Once cool, reach into the cauldron and pull out a handful of pellets. Then throw them into the air above your head.

7. Candy Storm

Rain Candy Potion

The candy storm will start instantly and will last for about three hours.

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