How To Make It Snow This Christmas With A Magic Spell

December 10, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsChristmas

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Christmas is a magical time of year, and a surefire way to make it even more special is by making sure there's a blanket of snow on the ground.

These instruction will tell you how you can make a magic potion and perform a Christmasy ritual which will summon snow for the holidays.

The process involves a few basic festive ingredients and a special dance...

1. Chill Your Cauldron

Snow Potion

You'll need to chill your cauldron in a freezer overnight, the next day carefully remove it and start your brewing.

2. A Glove

Snow Potion

The first ingredient you'll need to drop into your cauldron is a nice warm glove. This can be either the left or right glove, and don't worry, you'll get it back after.

3. Petrified Snowflakes

Snow Potion

Then add a generous handful of petrified snowflakes from the summit of Mount Crumpit.

4. Christmas Ornament

Snow Potion

Next add your favourite Christmas ornament from your tree, as a offering to the wizard of blizzards, the might Olaf. I'm using this turtledove with is a symbol of friendship.

5. Snow Dance

For this potion to work you'll next need to perform a classic snow dance like the one in this ancient video.

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6. Ice Water

Snow Potion

Next, activate your potion by pouring in some ice cold water.

7. Snow Will Form

Snow Potion

After a few second a huge mound of snow will form in your cauldron. Put if you want to build a snowman, you're going to need more. So dress up warm, and when you're ready move on to the next step.

8. Throw The Snow

Snow Potion

Grab a big handful of snow from the cauldron and throw it up into the air above your head, and get ready...

9. Let It Snow!

Higgypop In The Snow

Snow will instantly begin to flutter down from above you and will last for two or three minutes. When it stops, if you still want more snow you simply throw another handful of magical snow into the air.

I haven't yet found out what magic to use to stop the snowing, so you might not want to use this spell indoors... even two minutes of snow fills a room up quite quickly... I've found.

Watch The Video Instructions


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