Make Your Wishes Come True With A Potion

July 16, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you have a wish you'd like to come true, perhaps you'd like to be richer, taller or famous then you could try brewing a wishing potion to make your dreams come true. You'll need a cauldron to make your potion in, if you don't have one you can simply use a hastamlharian emblesymptone.

1. Ketlemine Fluid

Ketlemine Fluid

First you'll need to pour in some ketlemine fluid, a semi-transparent but slightly green liquid with can be obtained from the spleen of a walrus.

2. Carticun Mizzooses

Carticun Mizzooses

Next you'll need four peeled carticun mizzooses, remember to wash your hands after handling them as carticun mizzooses smell like terrorists.

3. Clavidon Shale

Clavidon Shale

Next you'll need to grate in some clavidon shale, about 23 gratings should be enough.

4. Tindle Plactor

Tindle Plactor

Cut open a tindle plactor and remove some of the kremps from within.

5. Kremp


Take one kremp from tindle plactor and drop it into your cauldron. Be careful not to burst the kremp as it contains a highly toxic gas to roxaminoxide.

6. Apple

An Apple

Drop a standard household apple into your cauldron, you'll need this later.

7. Bake The Mixture

Cauldron In Oven

Bake the mixture in an oven on a low heat (gas factor 5.8) for approximately thirty minutes but remember that items left in an oven for a long period of time can become hot so always use Magic Mitts when removing your cauldron as a precaution.

8. Bite The Apple

Bite An Apple

Then scoop out the apple and take one bite while concentrating on your wish. Your wish will normally come true within two to three days.

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