Ugly Half-Man Half-Cat Creature Reported To Malaysian Police

November 18, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Mythical Creatures
Malaysian Baby Werewolf Monster
Apparently this creepy creature which looks like a very ugly cat with a human face was spotted in Pahang, Malaysia, it was said to have sent locals in a frenzy.

The original post online claimed that the cat-like creature had been captured and examined at a nearby lab. However, the local police have come forward and cleared things up, labelling the rumours as "untrue".

According to the state's chief of police, there were no sightings of the beast at all, nothing had been captured, and the whole story started online.

So What Is The Mutant Cat Beast Of Pahang Really?

Malaysian Baby Werewolf Monster

With a little fact checking, it would have been easy to stop this monster story in its tracks. A quick reverse image search of the photo posted takes you to an Etsy page where you'll see that the beast is nothing more than a silicone baby werewolf toy.

The toy is made by a store called "babycreatures" who have lots of similarly odd creatures for sell, including eyes on key rings, a chameleon climbing a dismembered finger, a selection of ugly trolls, and a bust of Bigfoot.

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