Most Haunted At The Bate Hall, Part Two - Series 23, Episode 4 Review

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Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

The conclusion of Yvette Fielding's two-part investigation of Bate Hall, Macclesfield's most haunted pub and its ghostly residents. The inn is said to be haunted by a grey lady, thought to be the spirit of a woman who was hanged in the stairwell for being a witch. A poltergeist that throws objects around, and a tall shadowy figure.

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The Story So Far

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

In the first part, paranormal activity started to present itself even before the investigation got underway. While filming in the day the crew were constantly interrupted by objects being thrown, strange noises, a ball repeatedly moving and skeptic Glen Hunt even thought he saw a ghostly figure.

Once the lights were out and the investigation had properly began, Yvette suspected that they might be dealing with a child spirit, so started singing a nursery rhyme and a strange tapping sound could be heard that appeared to be tapping rhythmically along with her. Later, Karl Beattie was hit on the head by what looked like a small metal cup.

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The Drama Continues

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

This episode picks up where the last left off, with the team spread across the pub in the darkness. We rejoin Yvette who is on the upper floor with crew members Gregg Smith and Stuart Torevell and a very apprehensive Fred Batt, the show's resident demonologist. Fred has already said that he doesn't like the feeling of the building and warned that there is something worse than demons here, "this is something bigger than that. This feels very very bad".

Despite not being a psychic, Fred says that he's just had a vision, "you know they talk about those black-eyed children with the dark black eyes? I had a vision of these black-eyed children coming up the stair case." Stuart then reported that the door at the bottom of the stairs had opened, as Gregg moved his camera down he caught it closing again.

They then heard footsteps around them that suddenly stopped and was followed by a moan. A shadow was then caught on camera moving near the door at the bottom of the stairs. The movement was unmistakable and looked as clear as a human walking past a light source, but there wasn't any member of the crew in that part of the building at the time. Stuart even ran down to check if there was anyone there. If this footage is genuine, then it's some of the show's best evidence to date. The door repeatedly opened and closed a few more times on its own.

The Cellar

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

Karl was still down in the cellar, where previously he'd heard barrels moving around him in the darkness. He was still hearing strange dragging sounds in the dark basement and was then startled by a loud, unexplained ban. Before leaving the area he heard plenty more strange noises and the sounds of barrel's moving.

Meanwhile, the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt, was in the main bar trying to communicate with the spirits using his laptop in an attempt to capture spirit voices as EVPs. Glen thinks he caught a whisper on his recording, but couldn't make out what it was saying. While in the bar on his own he heard an loud bang from the corner of the room and saw strange lights flash across the wall.

The Main Bar

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

After regrouping, the team swapped locations. Yvette, Glen and Gregg went to the main bar where Yvette tried an experiment and asked the spirits of the pub to stand behind her as Glen took her photo. They then heard movement coming from the corridor that runs behind the bar.

Yvette and Glen then tried a bit of table tipping, while Gregg manned the camera. They both placed their finger tips lightly on the table and Yvette called out and encouraged the spirits to interact. Although the table didn't move, Yvette said she felt like the table was wanting to move to the left.

Meanwhile, Fred was down in the cellar on his own, he was stood over an old buried tunnel which used to be a hiding hole for priests. Then he heard a barrel move, he spun around and walked back across the cellar and one of the barrels he had passed on the way into the cellar had clearly moved. A few minutes later the barrel seemed to move again.

Fred then said, "nothing normally bothers me, but this place, it's just different to everywhere else I've ever been. It really is and I'm a bit worried about it to be honest with you."

Up Stairs

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

Karl and Stuart were now on the upper floor, where Stuart reported a power drain from the battery which had dropped from 180 minutes remaining to just 17 minutes.

They then both heard something walking up the stairs and minutes later they heard what sounded like a door behind them slam, but after a quick search they found there were no doors anywhere on the floor they were on. This was followed by a strange rattling noise and then another loud bang, which turned out to be an old door that had been leant up against a wall but had fallen over.

Stuart then spun around with his camera and caught the ball moving again, this time it was bouncing down the stairs right in front of them.

The Final Séance

Most Haunted At The Bate Hall

Towards the end of the episode, the whole team gathered together on the upper floor to try to recreate something that happened to the landlady of the pub, Georgina Hutchinson, during a séance. They were using glass divination, which is like a Ouija board where a glass slides around the table, and they seemed to aggravate a spirit known as Richard. At the end of the session, Georgina found that she had strangulation marks on her neck.

The team, including assistant producer Louise Jones, gathered around a table and all lightly placed their fingers on the glass and they took turns shouting abuse at Richard in the hopes that the spirit would make itself known. Fred tried one of his trademark incantations, "in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti".

They then heard footsteps coming from outside the room at the top of the stairs. They ran out to see what was going on. Yvette once again saw shadows moving at the bottom of the stairs and the door had again opened on its own. They were about to go back into the small room they were holding the séance in, when they heard another noise, this time it seemed to have been a bar stool moving.

Yvette then asked the spirit to give them a message by asking it to use knocks to indicate the correct letter as Yvette moved her finger over the keyboard on her phone. The spirit spelt out the name "William Harris" and when Yvette asked what year he died, using knocks the spirit indicated 1862.

Fred had some old documents with the names of previous tenants of the building listed. He pulled it out of his pocket and checked for the name. There was indeed a William Harris who was a servant at the pub, according to the 1851 census. Karl said he thought this was amazing and asked Fred, "have you showed this to anyone today?" Fred confirmed that he hadn't. As the episode drew to a close, Karl said, "this has got to be one of my favourite places." Yvette agreed, "I think it's been an amazing night".
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