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30 East Drive, Pontefract
Since Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team first started visiting allegedly haunted location across the UK and around the world in 2002, they've visited hundreds of creepy locations, including castles, pubs, hotels and even more unusual structure like boats and lighthouses.

Their investigations have taken them to every part of the country, as well as haunted locations in Europe and the United States, but how much can you remember about the places that have featured in the show?

1. At which location did the team conduct their Halloween "as-live" special in 2016?

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2. How many lighthouses have been investigated by the Most Haunted team?

Derek Acorah, Kreed Kafer - Bodmin Goal

3. At which location in Cornwall was Derek Acorah involved in the legendary "Kreed Kafer" incident?

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4. Which location have the Most Haunted team visited the most as part of the series and live shows?

5. The team once investigated the set of which television soap opera?

Stuart Torevell Attacked Weir Mill Most Haunted

6. Stuart Torevell received medical attention and left an investigation early after an unexplained incident at which location?

7. Which of these famous boats have the Most Haunted team NOT visited?

8. At which location was the first ever Christmas edition of Most Haunted Live! broadcast from?

Most Haunted's Wentworth Ghost Explained

9. Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell caught a ghostly figure walking up some stairs on camera in the stable block of which house?

10. In a 2008 Most Haunted Live!, the team spent seven nights investigating a location that they called "Village Of The Damned," but where was the episode broadcast from?

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11. At which location in Yorkshire did Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills join the Most Haunted team for the night?

Karl Beattie Pulled Upstairs 30 East Drive, Pontefract

12. Karl Beattie was seemingly pulled upstairs by a poltergeist at which famously haunted house?

13. At which haunted London pub did Derek Acorah deliver the infamous "Mary loves Dick" moment?

14. In 2003, the team investigated a haunted pub, which is said to be the oldest pub in Wales, but what is its name?

Most Haunted At Seafield Bay, Manningtree

15. Yvette Fielding got stuck in the mud during a three-night Most Haunted Live! in which part of the UK?

16. What is the furthest north the team have travelled to record an episode?

17. Which of these overseas locations did the team visit as part of a Most Haunted Live! show?

Croxteth Hall Bed Moves Most Haunted

18. At which location that the team visited for a Halloween special did Karl Beattie capture a bed moving on camera?

19. At which location was Yvette Fielding's pet bulldog Watson first featured?

20. Celebrity spoon bender, Uri Gellar, joined the Most Haunted team in which haunted pub?


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