GAME: Is It A Motorway Or Motornay?

January 25, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Games
Motorway Game


Is it a motorway or motornay?

Everyone knows the M1 is an actual motorway in the UK? How about the M7, or the M33? Well, it's your job to work your way through the list of motorways and motornays and score points by correctly guessing whether the road designation is a real motorway or not.


Is the M1 a real motorway?

0 miles


How To Play

'Motorway Or Motornay' is easy to play. You'll be presented with a different motorway designation in the UK, starting with M1. Your job is to say whether it's a real motorway or not.

If you correctly identify an actual motorway the length in miles of the road will be added to your score. However, if you get a question wrong you're out of the game and can no longer continue your motorway tour of the UK.

On your journey, you'll travel all the way from the M1 in Leeds to the M80 in Glasgow. After 80 the numbers start to get a bit spread out, there's the M90, then it jumps to the M180 and M181, then another jump to the M271. After a few more in the 200-range we then land at the M602, followed by a few more in that ball park. The list ends with the M898.

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