My Haunted Project Launches New Ghost Hunting Experience In 700-Year-Old Mill

June 13, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Chirk Mill
Photo: © My Haunted Project
This week, Danny Moss, Harry Achilleos, and Brett Jones have shared exciting news about the future of 'My Haunted Project'. They announced that the project is once again expanding, having acquired a historic haunted mill.

'My Haunted Mill', located within Chirk Mill in North Wales, is a 700-year-old site with a rich and haunted history. This unique location has now became part of 'My Haunted Project' offering guests a unique camping experience alongside the opportunity to investigate the mill's four floors.

Reports of paranormal activity within the mill and its grounds include sightings of apparitions, disembodied footsteps, and eerie voices, as well as poltergeist activity. These reports add to the mill's mysterious allure, which already draws in paranormal enthusiasts from far and wide.

Announcing the news, team member Danny Moss told followers, "From Chester to America, Liverpool, and now Wales, we have acquired a 700-year-old building with a haunted history." This acquisition marks the next step in the ongoing expansion of the project, allowing it to extend its reach and offer new experiences to its growing audience.

'My Haunted Project' is built on a foundation of 24/7 surveillance and real guests experiencing real paranormal events. The project aims to bring a more rational and scientific approach to paranormal investigation, offering a healthy scepticism while also attempting to document genuine moments of interest. By opening the doors to people from all over the world, 'My Haunted Project' seeks to create an inclusive community of paranormal investigators and enthusiasts.

In a teaser video announcing the new location, Harry shared his excitement, saying, "2024 has been an epic year so far for 'My Haunted Project'." Brett added, "The team has been working really hard to ensure that this location is more unique than ever, and your overnight stay is going to have a twist."

The project's first location, 'My Haunted Hotel', is the epicentre of the project and has garnered over 1,000 eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity over the last two years. Established in the historically rich Ye Olde Kings Head in Chester, a 17th-century building on Lower Bridge Street, the hotel is known for its numerous ghost stories and has been investigated by some of the UK's top paranormal teams.

Monitored by the My Haunted team, four nights a week guests visiting the My Haunted locations can expect an immersive ghost-hunting experience, exploring its haunted rooms with full access to the location. These supernatural stakeouts are captured on multiple night vision cameras, giving guests the chance to appear in weekly episodes made up of the highlights of the ghost hunts.

In the last year, the project has expanded with its first overseas location, 'My Haunted Manor USA', based in Pennsylvania. This new site allows the project to extend its reach across the Atlantic, bringing its unique brand of paranormal investigation to an American audience. The original team oversees investigations in both the UK and the USA. However, the American counterpart features a new team led by Daryl Marston, known from 'Ghost Hunters', along with Jeff and Trey Bader.

Earlier this year, the My Haunted HQ team announced their plans to welcome ghost hunters to Woolton Hall in Liverpool, an iconic abandoned building now known as 'My Haunted Mansion'. This new location continues the project's tradition of selecting historically rich and reputedly haunted sites, providing more opportunities for paranormal investigation and exploration.

With these new locations, 'My Haunted HQ' aims to further document and explore paranormal phenomena. The team describes their endeavour as "the longest running, most documented, multi-venue paranormal investigation in the world." This ambitious project continues to push the boundaries of paranormal investigation, inviting guests to join them on their journey into the unknown.

Episode from all the 'My Haunted' locations will be free to watch on the 'My Haunted HQ' YouTube channel, the team's premium subscription channel on VHX will continue to feature exclusive content from the shows, and now gives subscribed exclusive access to live camera feeds from the hotel.

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