'My Paranormal Experience' Set To Premiere On PARAFlixx Paranormal+ This Month

February 16, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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My Paranormal Experience
A new PARAFlixx Paranormal+ series aims to give those who have experienced strange encounters with the unseen the opportunity to come forward and share their previously untold stories.

'My Paranormal Experience' will land exclusively on PARAFlixx Paranormal+ on Friday, February 18. The streaming service hopes that the show will become a staple for viewers for years to come.

It all kicks off in the season premiere, entitled 'The Experience Begins', which offers viewers a glimpse of what's to come in the series.

The show follows lead investigator Nathan Withers, a self-taught documentary filmmaker from Texas, plus his co-host Beth Huffman, camera operator Kara Kidd and technical expert Scottie Dabbs.

Driven by the realisation that many people have had unexplained experiences but haven't had the opportunity to come forward and tell their story, the team have come together to help people from all over the world to talk about their real-life paranormal encounters.

The series begins at Malvern Manor, an unassuming location which the show's host calls "one of the most haunted locations in America."

The former care home in Iowa, which is shrouded in a mournful and dark past, is owned by paranormal investigator, lecturer and author Josh Heard. He warns that whatever lurks in the house "does not enjoy the company of others."

The episode introduces us to one eye witness, who said "I would like to say that I donโ€™t believe it, but based off of my experiences, I would have to say that I believe it now."

Ahead of the season premiere, Nathan explained how the paranormal is a huge part of his life and defines who he is. He has spent the last 12 years investigating some of the most haunted places in Texas and beyond, as he tries to document and prove the existence of the afterlife. He said, "the next chapter of my story starts with yours."

Natalie Jones from PARAFlixx said, "as a paranormal investigator myself and all of the shows I have seen, 'My paranormal Experience' has a great future helping others tell their real-life paranormal experience, and has already made a life-changing impact on my journey toward the same united passion."

Viewers can find 'My Paranormal Experience' only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, an on-demand video streaming platform that aims to become the universal home of the paranormal world. The first episode will air on Friday, February 18 2022 at 10pm EST.

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