When Will 'Now 100' Be Released?

February 25, 2017 10:31 AM
Now That's What I Cal Music! 100
CONFIRMED: 'Now 100' will be released on July 20th, 2018. You can buy your copy now by clicking here.

If you're keeping count, then you'll know that the most recent 'Now That's What I Call Music!' album to be released was 'Now 95' which came out in time for Christmas in 2016. So, we're slowly edging closer to the release of the 100th edition of the iconic compilation series but when will 'Now 100' hit the shops in the UK?

The first Now album in the original United Kingdom and Ireland series was simply entitled 'Now That's What I Call Music' and was released in November, 1983. It featured the likes of Phil Collins, Duran Duran, UB40, Heaven 17, Bonnie Tyler, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner.

For the next few years the label fluctuated between releasing two or three albums a year, in spring, summer and winter. This lasted for the next 8 years up until 1991, taking us almost to the start of the Britpop era.

Since 1993 things have been a little more predictable. For the last 25 years there has consistently been three Now albums hitting the shops every year, one in either March or April, one in July and one in November.

The next album in the series, 'Now 96' is due to be released on the 7th April 2017 and there should be two more this year... 97 in summer and 98 in the winter. Which means that 'Now 99' will be released this time next year, in the spring of 2018 and it'll be a summer release for 'Now 100'.

'Now That's What I Call Music! 100' Will Be Released In July 2018

If the spring, summer and winter release pattern continues up until the 100th edition, then 'Now 100' should be released in July 2018, but this is yet to be confirmed by the record label.

There's sure to be a lot of hype and celebration around the 100th album release so schedules could change and the hundredth copy could come sooner.

It has now been confirmed that 'Now That's What I Call Music! 100' will be released in July 2018.

Which Artists Will Feature On 'Now 100?'

Calvin Harris

To date Robbie Williams has featured on more albums in the series than any other artist, a total of 28 of Robbie's singles have made it on to the track list. Robbie is still releasing music so he could feature on the 100th Now compilation, but it seems unlikely.

Robbie is closely followed Rihanna who's made 25 appearances so far, her most recent appearance was her collaboration with Calvin Harris, 'This Is What You Came For'. The song featured on 'Now That's What I Call Music! 94,' which was released in the summer of 2016.

Rihanna could be a potential artist for 'Now 100' but so could Calvin Harris, he's featured on the last two albums. He even managed to get three of his song on one album, 'Now 80' in 2011.

Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Drake and Fifth Harmony are all pretty safe bets for a place on the track listing and of course you can never discount Coldplay, Bruno Mars or Pharrell Williams who could pop up at any time with a hit.

How Will Now Celebrate The Release?

The label have already teased some big plans to celebrate its 100th edition, including  a series of live shows and television specials, a reissue of the very first 'Now' album and an ultimate greatest hits collection, collated by the public.

The anniversary will also mark the release of 'Now That’s What I Call NOW!', which will feature one track from every 'Now' album to date.

Original Now Album TV Advert

The first advert for the first ever Now compilation, featuring 30 massive chart hits from UB40, Phil Collins, Duran Duran and more.

NOW That's What I Call Music! 100


Since it's conception in '83 the iconic and no.1 bestselling brand has come a long way. NOW That's What I Call Music! 100 is a two-disc release that not only includes the latest chart hits, but also a celebration of the greatest NOW hits ever featured over the last 99 editions. 2018.

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