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December 10, 2018 12:00 PM ‐ ParanormalAwards

This article is more than four years old and was last updated in December 2020.

For the last month we've been asking fans of the paranormal to vote for their favourite paranormal content creators, publishers, hosts and broadcasters of 2018 in the inaugural Paranormal Entertainment Awards.

We've received over 40,000 votes, which have now been counted and finally we can reveal this year's big winners. The awards recognise all forms of content created for traditional broadcast, online streaming, social and print, as well as celebrating the stars and creators of that content.

The shortlist included some of the most popular paranormal reality television shows of the year and the best supernatural movies, as well the best paranormal investigators of the last twelve months and podcasts causing a stir in the paranormal world.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all those who voted in this year's awards, you help make the awards a great success. Congratulations to all those who were nominated, whether you won the category or not, you are one of the best in your field. The full result are now available below...


Most Haunted Yvette & Karl

The best ghost hunting show to air on British television in 2018.

GOLD: Most Haunted


SILVER: Help! My House Is Haunted


Celebrity Ghost Hunt
Ghost Adventures
Paranormal Lockdown UK

The long-running British ghost hunting show, Most Haunted, cleaned up at the first Paranormal Entertainment Awards having been voted the winner of each category it was shortlisted in, including this hotly contested category which recognises the overall best ghost hunting television show of the year.

The show beat their channel-mates and new comers 'Help! My House Is Haunted', which took the silver award.


Demon House

The best factual film to be released in 2018.

GOLD: Demon House


SILVER: Ouija: Dicing With Death?


Ghosts In Ghost Towns: Haunting The Wild West
Sir Noface

The US paranormal investigator and star of 'Ghost Adventurs', Zak Bagans released his first feature-length film in 2018, 'Demon House'. The film aired on the Really channel over Halloween, which may have helped it top its category and winning gold for the Best Paranormal Documentary Film category. The three-part film 'Ouija: Dicing With Death?' took the silver award for an investigation into the truth behind Ouija boards, .


Most Haunted - Yvette Fielding

The best female paranormal investigator to appear in an episode broadcast this year.

GOLD: Yvette Fielding


SILVER: Katrina Weidman


Finalist: Sandy Lakdar

'Most Haunted' host, Yvette Fielding was also voted Best Female Ghost Hunter, with US star of 'Paranormal Lockdown' Katrina Weidman taking the silver award.

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Most Haunted - Karl Beattie

The best male paranormal investigator to appear in an episode broadcast this year.

GOLD: Karl Beattie


SILVER: Barri Ghai


Nick Groff
Zak Bagans

Meanwhile, Yvette's husband and co-host, Karl Beattie, picked up Best Male Ghost Hunter, with the silver award going to one of the stars of 'Help! My House Is Haunted', paranormal investigator Barri Ghai.


Most Haunted Experience And LIVE Feeds

Best online content creator that has streamed original video content this year.

GOLD: Most Haunted Experience And Live Feeds




Paranormal Truth
UK Haunted

Most Haunted's public ghost hunting event videos, which are streamed via their Facebook page won Best Paranormal Live Video. Paul, Simon, Andy, Jason and James from HauntedLIVE received enough votes to come in second bagging them a silver award.


This Paranormal Life Podcast

The best paranormal podcast that's produced new episodes this year.

GOLD: This Paranormal Life


SILVER: Anything Ghost Show


Finalist: Dead Creepy Podcast

Rory Powers and Kit Grier produce a weekly podcast in which they investigate different paranormal cases and find the truth behind the mysteries. They cover everything from punching Bigfoot to hunting Ancient Aliens. As well as tackling topics like Roswell and the Illuminati.


The Nun

The best supernatural movies to receive cinema release in 2018.

GOLD: The Nun


SILVER: Ghost Stories


Slender Man
Truth Or Dare

'The Nun' has been voted the best paranormal movie of the last twelve months. The movie, directed by Corin Hardy, is a spin-off to the hugely popular 'Conjuring' series. We first met Valak, the demon Nun in 'Annabelle: Creation' and she was the demon at the centre of the Enfield haunting in 'The Conjuring 2'.

The movie was awarded gold after topping its category and fighting off tough competition from fellow-nominees 'Hereditary', 'Slender Man', 'Truth Or Dare' and Andy Nyman's 'Ghost Stories', which picked up the silver award.


Haunted Magazine

The best paranormal magazine to release either digital or physical editions this year.

GOLD: Haunted Magazine


SILVER: Paranormal Hauntings


Finalist: Fortean Times

Now in its tenth year, Haunted Magazine scooped the gold award for Best Paranormal Magazine of 2018 in a close battle with Paranormal Hauntings, which took the silver award.

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The best website that has posted regular paranormal content throughout the year.

GOLD: The Paranormal Database


SILVER: The Spooky Isles


Finalist: Hayley Is A Ghost

@ParanormReason said on Twitter, "well deserved recognition for the tireless work that  @paradbase has done over the last decade or so, documenting cases and being THE reference web site for hauntings, both historical and contemporary."


Living Room 30 East Drive, Pontefract

The best location for organised and public ghost hunts which has hosted event this year.

GOLD: 30 East Drive, Pontefract


SILVER: Codnor Castle Cottage, Derbyshire


Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool
Steelhouse Lane Lock-Up, Birmingham

The infamous black monk house at 30 East Drive in Pontefract has been voted the best paranormal hotspot of the year. The unassuming, typical three-bedroom, semi-detached house on the Chequerfield Estate has already been described by many as the most haunted house in Great Britain.

Over the last few years the house has been made famous by television shows like 'Most Haunted' and 'Paranormal Lockdown', and the movie 'When The Lights Went Out'. It's also become a popular location for public ghost hunts, so it's no surprise that the property has topped the Paranormal Hotspot category this year.


UKTV Really Channel

The best British television channel which regularly includes paranormal programming as part of its schedule.

GOLD: Really (UKTV)


SILVER: Quest Red


Finalist: 5Star

As well as five gold awards for its show 'Most Haunted' and a silver award for Barri Ghai from 'Help! My House Is Haunted', UKTV's Really channel also fought off competition from 5Star and Quest Red to win the title of Best Paranormal Broadcaster of 2018.

The channel is home of #Frightday, a night a spooky programming each week and also dished up ten new episodes of 'Most Haunted' over Halloween.


Doll Bursts Into Flames Most Haunted Codnor Castle Cottage

The best evidence of the supernatural captured by a paranormal investigation team in an episode this year.

GOLD: Most Haunted - Burning doll ('Codnor Castle Cottage')


SILVER: Ghost Adventures - Figure on SLS camera ('Ogden Possession')


Finalist: Paranormal Lockdown UK - "I don't want to die" EVP ('HMP Shepton Mallet')

A fifth award for 'Most Haunted', who were also recognised for capturing the Best Paranormal Evidence of the year for a memorable moment when a cursed doll spontaneously burst into flames during the team's investigation of Codnor Castle Cottage near Derby.

The term "episode" in the category description can refer to either a television show, podcast episode or web series episode. The episode or work must have been released between November 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2018.

Public voting took place between the 1st and 30th November. Only one vote was permitted per person for each category. All duplicate votes were disallowed before the end of the voting period.

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