Paranormal Books: Life After Loss

May 16, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ BooksParanormal

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Come With Me by Ronald Malfi
Summer is fast approaching and so are our most anticipated paranormal book releases. From stories dealing with overcoming grief to speaking with ghosts, our list has books that you will be dying to get your hands on.

Check out our top four books that deal with life after loss...

'The Ghost Marriage' by Kirsten Mickelwait

Kirsten has returned to her home in San Francisco after a year in Rome, ready to start her writing career and hopefully start a family. Kirsten immediately meets Steve Beckwith, a handsome, successful attorney and starts to plan a future with him. Twenty-two years later, Kirsten decides to divorce Steve after watching him turn into a cheating, unemployed addict. Soon after the divorce is finalized, Steve gets colon cancer and dies within a year, leaving Kirsten with $1.5 million in debts she had no knowledge of. Heartbroken and filled with regret over her decision to marry him in the first place, Kirsten starts to communicate with Steve’s ghost. This novel brings the reader through the journey of forgiveness and acceptance, as well as the grief that can haunt after loss.


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'Black Water Sister' by Zen Cho

When Jessamyn Teoh suddenly starts to hear a voice in her head, she shrugs it off and blames it on the stress in her life. After losing her job and money, she moves back to Malaysia with her parents. Soon after, Jessamyn learns that the voice she was hearing is her estranged grandmother in the afterlife. Her grandmother, Ah Ma, was a spirit medium of a mysterious deity called the Black Water Sister. Ah Ma has chosen Jess to help her settle a score against a magnate who offended the god. As Jess makes dangerous deals with spirits, Ah Ma starts to overtake her body for crimes and to spy on her personal life. Jess must learn to take control of her body and destiny before the Black Water Sister finishes her off.


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'Folklorn' by Angela Mi Young Hur

Elsa Park, an incredible particle physicist, is stationed at a neutrino observatory in the Antarctic, distancing herself from her family ghosts. All is fine until her “imaginary friend” from her childhood comes to claim her at last. Elsa was warned by her mother that the women in her line were cursed to repeat the narrative lives of their ancestors from Korean myth and legend. Beyond this threat, Elsa also faces mental illness and generational trauma from her immigrant family. When tragedy strikes, Elsa must return to her home in California in order to figure out the secrets of the family, and hopefully stop the ghosts and the curses that run in her family. This novel gives chills to the bone on what it is like to endure the curses family brings, as well as the ones we endure ourselves.


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'Come With Me' by Ronald Malfi

Aaron Decker’s life drastically changes when his wife, Allison, is killed. Haunted by her absence and her ghost, Aaron must figure out the truth of her death. Aaron goes through her belongings, where he finds a receipt for a motel room located in another part of the country. Lost and curious, Aaron goes to discover what happened to Allison during the weeks before her tragic death. As he digs deeper, he finds more of the hidden life of the woman he thought he knew. The life she hid consumes Aaron, but he is still determined to find each and every secret, even if it puts his own life in danger.


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