New Book Takes Readers On A Journey Through 'Paranormal Northumberland'

May 23, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Books
Paranormal Northumberland - Rob Kirkup
Do you dare to take a step into the unknown? The enigmatic British county of Northumberland, shrouded in the myths and mysteries of centuries gone by, is ready to share its spectral secrets in 'Paranormal Northumberland'.

Penned by renowned local author and dedicated ghost hunter, Rob Kirkup, this thrilling new book presents a riveting collection of ghostly tales and paranormal activities drawn from the rich tapestry of Northumberland's historical landscape. From haunted castles and eerie open spaces to sacred places of worship, Rob's 'Paranormal Northumberland' leaves no stone unturned.

Northumberland's history is drenched in tales of haunting apparitions and spectral sightings. The book features legendary haunted locations such as the magnificent Bamburgh Castle, supposedly haunted by the specter of a green lady tragically falling to her doom. The infamous Chillingham Castle, one of the world's most haunted locations, is home to the chilling spirit of John Sage, the castle's former torturer. And then there's the Schooner Hotel, a place reputedly haunted by a staggering sixty ghosts.

'Paranormal Northumberland' is more than a book; it's a window into an unseen world, a glimpse into the ethereal, and an opportunity to unearth some of the oldest and most captivating ghost stories in the county, and perhaps, even in Britain. This book is an illustrated treasure trove of spectral phenomena and otherworldly events, designed to captivate anyone fascinated by the mysterious, the uncanny, and the supernatural.

Rob has always been fascinated by 'things that go bump in the night'. His first ghost hunt in 2002, conducted for a local radio station, piqued his interest in paranormal investigations. Since then, he has led over fifty investigations and authored several books on the subject, marking his reputation as a respected authority in the field.

'Paranormal Northumberland' is the latest addition to Amberley's celebrated 'Paranormal' series, providing an engaging and well-illustrated account of Northumberland phenomena. It offers readers a delightfully ghoulish insight into the region's haunted and hidden heritage, as Rob's words bring the past's ghostly inhabitants to life.

Available now in Kindle, Kobo, iBook, and hardcopy formats, 'Paranormal Northumberland' is an indispensable guide for ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts, or anyone curious about the chilling history of this beautiful county. To join Rob on this spine-chilling journey through Northumberland's paranormal past, visit and order your copy today.

Embrace the opportunity to confront your fears, challenge your preconceptions, and step into the spectral world of 'Paranormal Northumberland'. Who knows what you might encounter?

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