The ParaPod Conspiracies Quiz

April 29, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalThe ParaPod
With The ParaPod movie due to be released later this year, it's time to brush up your knowledge the everyone's favourite paranormal podcast.

Can you answer these questions based around Barry Dodd's paranoia and gullible belief in some of the most famous conspiracy theories of all time.

All the questions in this quiz revolve around the third series of the The ParaPod, in which Barry debates these conspiracies with his co-host on the podcast Ian Boldsworth.

1. Which of these conspiracy theories did Barry and Ian debate in series three of the ParaPod?

2. According to Barry there is a bird hidden on the dollar bill which is a clue to the New World Order's control. What type of bird is it?

The 6th Day

3. Barry showed us a photo which he said proved that a secret bunker in New Mexico called Dulce Base is real, but which Arnold Schwarzenegger movie was the photo actually taken from?

4. Which conspiracy did Barry claim was behind his observation that "men's balls are shrinking?"

5. Who does Barry suggest is behind the strange phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect?

6. What did Barry spot in a photo taken on the moon which he says proves it's fake?

7. Who was the fictional person behind the plot of Ian's made up story that convinced Barry that JFK was assassinated because of his alleged affair with Maralyn Monroe?

8. Barry suggested that which pop star was murdered by the Illuminati?

9. Barry fell for a Reddit user's claim that which country didn't actually exist and that the United Nations had altered world maps to trick people into thinking it did?


10. Which of these wasn't one of Barry's theories on why governments spray chemtrails?

11. Barry says there's evidence that Stanley Kubrick was involved in the moon landing in which of his classic movies?

12. Who did Barry describe as "a secretive bunch of lads?"

13. Which actor did Barry claim was a vampire who has been alive since the 7th century?

Highgate Cemetery, London

14. According to one of Barry's "conspiracies," Highgate cemetery in London is said to have once been the home to what type of create?

15. Barry claimed that what incident was covered up at the rumoured Dulce Base?

16. When Barry said "you wouldn't send a knob to the moon," who was he talking about?

Paul McCartney

17. When trying to convince us that Paul McCartney died decades ago and his death has been covered up, Barry claimed that who had taken the star's place?

18. Which of these movie quotes does Barry NOT attribute to the Mandela Effect?

19. Barry claimed that the US government put a chemical in water that does what?

Moon Landing

20. Which of these astrological phenomena did Barry argue would have made it impossible to get to the moon?


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