New Portable Potion Kit Encourages Kids To Explore The Magic Of Nature

September 09, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Portable Forest Potion Making Kit

A British company has produced a portable potion making kit for kids that aims to encourage imaginative, outdoor, potion-themed play.

The Den Kit Company, based in rural Shropshire, have put together the potion set using ethically sourced items, where possible from the UK. It comes in a handy draw string bag so you can have fun with magic anywhere.

Of course, as soon as I heard about this kit I had to get my hands on one to find out what it was all about. So, I ordered one through the company's website. The handmade kit arrived quickly and my first impression was that it is of very good quality.

The Den Kit Company's first kit was there original den building kit, a robust and durable toolkit that inspires children to create their very own outdoor hideaway.
Portable Forest Potion Making Kit

The kit contains a 250ml science mixing beaker for brewing up your own magical concoctions using the natural ingredients you can find in your garden or while out and about like petals, leaves, grasses or soil. A natural wooden stirring stick is included to help you mix your ingredients together.

Once your potion is complete you can use the little sieve included to remove bigger ingredients from your potion. You can then store your concoction in one of three reusable plastic potion bottle included in the kit. There's even a mini funnel to make transferring potions from the beaker into the bottles easier.

The idea is that kids rummage through forests and fields to find unusual ingredients to add a hint of nature to their creations. The kit contains a few ingredients to get you started, including a small pot of dried beetroot powder to provide natural red colouring, or for a yellow colour there's a pot of dried turmeric powder.

There's also three little draw string bags that contains some fragrant ingredients to sprinkle into your potion mixture, like UK-grown dried rose petals, dried rosemary and dried Yorkshire lavender.

I'm a little older than the target market for this kit, but I have fond memories of playing in the garden as a kid making mud pies, rose petal perfume and bottles of stewed stinging nettles. So, I know how much fun a child could have with this kit.

If you know a little potion master who would benefit from this kit, then you can order one yourself online at

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