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March 10, 2017 8:15 AM ‐ PotionsGames
Higgypop Potion Quiz
From time to time people comment on my videos telling me they're "my biggest fan" and that they've watched all of my videos. Naturally I don't believe them so I thought I'd put this test together to test their claims.

So, if you think you can tell a kelapine heart from a dandy snap, know the anatomy of mythical creatures, and know what to feed an owl, then you may well be able to beat me in this fiendishly difficult Higgypop potion quiz.
Higgypop Potion Quiz 1

1. I used a fermented spider eye in a Minecraft potion, but what did the potion do?

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2. Plantet from a sovereign worm can cause this condition if it touches your skin, but what is it called?

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Higgypop Potion Quiz 3

3. In my potion to turn you into a mermaid I used waspwood but what other type of drift wood can be used?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 4

4. Which of my potions caused this ghastly mess to appear in my cauldron?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 5

5. What animal did this stomach come from?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 6

6. Which of this would you use to make a shrinking solution?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 7

7. What is the dangerous oil which can be produced by a faulty crystal ball?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 8

8. I once summoned an owl using a potion but what did I feed it?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 9

9. I used marjorie juice to give me which special power?

Higgypop Potion Quiz 10

10. I used this ingredient in a mermaid potion but can you name it?


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