Are My Potions Real?

September 02, 2016 8:20 PM ‐ Potions

This article is more than six years old and was last updated in March 2017.

Apart from 'what is a kelapine?' the most asked question in the comments of my YouTube channel is 'are your potions real?' So, I think it's time for some answers.

Higgypop Potions
The most commonly asked questions I receive in the comments on my YouTube channel are:

1. Are your potions real?
2. Do your potions really work?

Many commenters don't even bother with a question and simply type nothing more than the word "fake" below my videos. So, I thought it was only fair to finally answer these questions once and for all.

It has to be remember that in order to successfully brew a potion, you need to be slightly magical yourself. If any old muggle could make a potion then they'd be using love potions on speeding dating nights and luck potions before job interviews.

When it comes to brewing half of the power comes from the ingredients and the other half comes from the potion master themselves.

Sometimes muggles can overlook the most magical ingredients and assume that they're normal everyday things like candies, fruits or stuffed peppers. But to the trained potion master, something as common as Tic Tacs can be converted using magical charms into a powerful ingredient ready to be tossed into a cauldron.

Many people try to copy my potions after watching my YouTube video but the biggest problem is that it's impossible to find all of these ingredients. I spend a lot of time and thought wandering around shops looking for strange items to use in my videos.

It's not uncommon for me to go to my local supermarket with a shopping list with items such as leeches and lizard's feet. It's then down to my creativity to find items on the shelves which will not only work in potions but also looking interesting on camera and capture the viewer's imagination.

I buy a lot of my ingredients from a small row of shops which can be found in Central London right behind the pub which is situated between 48 Charing Cross Road and 12 Great Newport Street.

Not all magic looks that impressive on camera, so I used a lot of green screen effects and layering of Photoshopped images over videos to enhance the magic and keep my audience entertained.

Another commonly asked question is, "how do you come up with all of your potions?" Well, the truth is, I don't... you guys do! Every time you suggest or request a potion in a YouTube comment I write it down in my book of shadows, pretty much every idea in the last couple of years has come from you and I have plenty more to work through still in my book.

So, you might be thinking my book of shadows is fake if I write lists in it myself. Well, no. A book of shadows is a hand-written book, its usually handed down from one wizarding generation to the next and contains an ever changing and evolving collection of the family's spells.

As I'm muggle-born I was never given a book of shadows, so it's my duty to collate and archive all of the spells and potions I encounter and one day pass on my book of shadows and all of its secrets to future generations of wizards.

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