Test Your Psi Abilities: Online Remote Viewing Experiment

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Remote Viewing Experiment
Put your psi abilities to the test by identifying the target image in this controlled remote viewing experiment that you can conduct fairly at home on your own.

Remote viewing has been investigated by parapsychologists for decades, with some of the experiments carried out by believers and skeptics alike showing a small but significant number of positive results.

The alleged paranormal ability to perceive a remote or hidden target has been taken very seriously over the years by many academic institutes and was even actively researched in the USA by the CIA in the hopes it would allow them to train psychic spies to remotely snoop on their enemies around the world.

The obvious way to test you psi abilities is to get someone to place an unknown object in a room of your house and then use the powers of your mind try to "see" what that object is, but this method is flawed as there is no way to be certain where the information is actually coming from.

It might be the case that you clearly saw the object in the room in your mind's eye, this would be remote viewing. But it's just as likely that you obtained the information by reading the mind of the person who put the object there, in this case you would have demonstrated telepathy, not remote viewing.

To help reduce the possibility that telepathy or other extrasensory abilities aren't the cause of a correctly viewed target, we've come up with the tool below, which will generate a random target image. This means that you can put a laptop, table or phone in a room, hit a button before you leave and it will generate a target image for you to focus you mind on that is not known to anyone.

To use the remote viewing tool hit the green 'start' and then leave the device out of sight, and then begin focussing on the image on the screen using your potential psi abilities. There's full instructions and details on a few more experiments you can try below.

Remote Viewing Generator

Hit start and then seal this device in a box or room out of sight. No one should be able to see the screen until the experiment has ended.


When you press start a 30 second countdown will begin, after this time a random 'target' image will appear on the screen. It is your job to try to remote view what's on the screen.




How To Use This Remote Viewing Targeting Tool

Press the 'start' button, a countdown will begin giving you 30 seconds to place this device in a sealed box or room, ensuring no one is able to see the screen. After the countdown an easily identifiable, random image will be displayed on the screen, which will not have been seen by you or anyone else.

You should then focus your attention on the target and try to "see" it using your subconscious mind. Take your time and write down your answer, or sketch it if you can.

The image will be something recognisable, like people, places, objects or animals. This could include food, vehicles, buildings, famous landmarks, and just about anything else as long as it's real and tangible. None of the images are of drawings, symbols or letters, but there might be words in the image such as street signs that you may pick up on.

Some of the images might be shocking, designed to elicit an emotion or spark a memory, while others are calming or mundane. After you have a firm image in your head, check the screen to see if your insight was correct.

Remember to turn off any screen savers or power saving settings that might turn the screen off after a period of inactivity. The image needs to be visible on the screen for the duration of the experiment allowing you to see it with your mind's eye.

Making The Psi Experiment Fair

Although this tool will make your experiment a little more scientific, it's still not perfect as there are a few other alleged psychic phenomenon and abilities other than remote viewing and telepathy that could explain things.

It could be that you are subconsciously using micro-psychokinetic abilities to influence the random nature of the images being selected. The idea of influencing random number generation with the power of thought has also been the subject of plenty of studies conducted over several decades, you can try this experiment yourself here.

Another possibility is that you could be using precognition or premonition, the ability to perceive future events. It might be that you didn't "see" the target image at all, but you gained insight into future events and saw the moment when the image is eventually revealed to you. Of course you'll eventually have to look at the screen to know if you're right or wrong, so it could be this moment you are foreseeing.

You can work around this by not looking at the image at the end of the experiment. Instead ask a friend to look and tell you if you are right or wrong so that you never actually see the target yourself.

If you haven't been able to successfully remotely view the target image, we have a similar tool that will allow you to try the same experiment but with randomly selected numbers of varying colours instead of images. You can try the remote number viewing tool here.

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