Most Haunted At Rowley's House - Series 21, Episode 1 Review

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Rowley's House, Shrewsbury

To celebrate Halloween, Yvette Fielding and her fearless ghost hunting team kick off a new series and a week of new episodes of the nation's favourite paranormal investigation. In the first episode Yvette and the team take us to Rowley's House in Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire.

The large mansion is one of the town's most famous landmarks and is said to be very haunted. The oldest part of the building dates back to the late 1500s and was built by Roger Rowley, from whom the house get its name. A newer, adjoining mansion was constructed by his son in 1618.

Throughout its history the timber-framed building has been a home, and the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, but as of 2009, the building has been mostly empty, except for its ghosts.

Rowley's House is said to be packed full of ghosts, including two mysterious figures who have been spotted by visitors to the building when it was a museum.

One of the figures who is said to roam the house is a man dressed in period costume. The other is a woman of the same era, who has been seen sitting where the bed would have once been in one of the bedrooms. It's said that she died during child birth.

Elsewhere in the house, reports of footsteps, whispers and strange sounds are common, especially in the attic. The huge attic space was once used by the house's servants, and some say they have seen a strange small figure in this part of the building, as well as hearing voices. A ghost has even been seen staring out of one of the upper windows.

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Glen Hunt & Yvette Fielding

As always, Yvette showed us around the property with her fearless ghost hunting dog, Watson, and the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt. Rationally talking to Yvette about the what we could expect in this historic house, Glen made it clear that this was a creaky old building. The timber frame meant that they may hear the sounds of wood expanding and contracting, especially as the building is prone to water ingress and this could explain some of the paranormal activity.

With that in mind, a few minutes later in the bedroom, several bangs were heard. And while they didn't spook a very calm Watson, Yvette sprung straight into action calling out to the spirits, "are you the lady of the house, two for 'yes', one for 'no'." Moments later a huge bang was heard from upstairs and the pair went to investigate, leading Glen to the conclusion "the fact that there was a sound coming from up here, there's no one up here other than us, then we're leaning towards the paranormal which is absolutely fabulous."

Yvette seemed to agree, and although the investigation had only just begun sad, "I think, talking about this lady, we've woken something up."

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Time To Split Up...

Yvette Fielding & Fred Batt

As the nighttime vigil gets under way, the team split up, Stuart Torevell headed to the upper rooms alone, an area that proved to be pretty quiet for him. Meanwhile, things were a bit more lively for Yvette in the bedroom. She was staking it out along with the show's demonologist Fred Batt, and camera man Darren Hutchinson when they heard what sounded like a bell, before something moved above them. Later Darren felt a "very defined" breeze across the side of his face, and after investigation decided that it couldn't have come from any of the windows as they all seemed to be closed.

While in the room, Fred became aware of the spirits and said that he feels the house's male and female ghosts are connected, even though reports of the spirits say that they always ignore one another. Perhaps they are a long-dead couple who have fallen out with each other.
Rowley's House Filing Cabinet

However most of the action took place on the ground floor where Karl Beattie was on the lookout for spooks on his own armed with just a camera. He first pans around the room to show us what's there, we see nothing but a filing cabinet stood in the middle of the room with all of its drawers shut. A couple of second after the cabinet goes out of shot we hear a bang and Karl spins around to reveal that the top drawer of the filing cabinet is now open.

Moving across the room for a closer look, Karl says "what the hell? Was that shut before?" After checking if anyone else was around, which there wasn't, a shaken Karl exclaimed, "that's unbelievable".


Karl Beattie & Stuart Torevell

Later in the show Karl met up with Stuart and headed for the attic, straight away Karl said the room had a claustrophobic feel about it, and before long they heard a loud noise which sounded like something heavy being moved. The source of the sound was never identified but sounded like it was coming from one of the corners.

Karl tried whistling and encouraged the spirits to copy him and several times Stuart managed to catch the sound of a ghostly whistle which appeared to be mimicking Karl's on camera. The sound seemed to be coming from the exact same corner as they'd heard the bang come from.
Yvette Fielding With A Book

Before the end of the show, Yvette took Karl to the house's office, where she had previously heard some odd sounds with Glen. While in the dark the pair witnessed plenty of knocks and bangs, which at times sounded like it was coming from between them. They also heard the sound of footsteps moving across the room towards them.

After going to investigate an odd sound they'd heard near the fireplace, Yvette screamed as she heard a bang coming from behind them. Spinning around, Yvette soon realised that a book had been thrown or drop in the middle of the room, picking it up she discovered that this was the museum's journal.

The first show of the new series came to a close, but Most Haunted is back every night in the run up to Halloween, including the night of October 31st with a Halloween special at Croxteth Hall‏ in Liverpool. But until then, we think Yvette was pretty pleased with the ghostly goings on she uncovered in Shropshire.
Yvette Fielding Smiling

#MostHauntedHalloween continues all week on Really from October 27th. Watch on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

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