Sainsbury's Just Won The 2016 Christmas Ads Battle

November 19, 2016 2:12 PM ‐ Christmas

As Christmas ads become a traditional part of the countdown to Christmas the pressure is on for brands and advertisers to come up with a festive commercial which wows the audience and Sainsbury's tie in with Gogglebox has come out on top this year.

Sainsbury's Gogglebox Chris & Stephen
"I love the Christmas adverts. That's when you know it's Christmas when all the supermarkets start doing theirs."
Stephen, Gogglebox
On Monday Sainsbury's revealed their official Christmas ad for 2016, a stop-motion short called 'The Greatest Gift'. It tells the story of an overworked dad at Christmas searching for the perfect gift for his family, before realising all his family really want is him.

The ad features a catchy tune performed by James Corden, the song is due to be released as download single in time for the battle for the Christmas No. 1 2016.

During the second ad break on Friday night's Gogglebox on Channel 4, viewers watched the full Sainsbury's Christmas ad, with three household's from the show commenting on the animated short as they watched.

The ad was immediately followed by the first showing of the supermarket's food version of the ad which expands on the story of the characters introduced in Sainsbury’s main brand ad on Monday and showed off some of the "succulent morsels" available in store this winter.

However, as the second ad started viewers were surprised to see the Gogglebox cast go through a magical transformation. With a flash of glittery light, Giles and Mary turned in to clay figures and became a part of the stop-motion advert along with best friends Jenny and Lee, and Chris and Stephen.

Gogglebox: Stop-Motion Ad Break

The ad receive an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter and Sainsbury's didn't miss a trick. When viewers opened their Twitter app to tweet about the highly engaging advert, right at the top of their timeline was a promoted tweet by Sainsbury's as part of the campaign.

Sainsbury's - The Greatest Gift (Full Advert)

"The cast involved really enjoyed the filming and from my point of view it’s instantly recognisable as a Gogglebox moment with something uniquely special on top."
Tania Alexander - Executive Producer, Gogglebox
The original animated ad was created by global ad agency, BBDO. Then Sainsbury’s media agency, PHD  developed the idea of the campaign featuring the Gogglebox cast and did a deal with Channel 4 before pitching the idea to Studio Lambert who then produced the ad break along with Passion, the company which animated the Sainsbury’s adverts.

Sainsbury's Food Christmas Advert 2016

Gogglebox's Giles & Mary Stop-Motion

Sainsbury's Gogglebox Giles & Mary

In Wiltshire, Giles commented on the advert to his wife, "he’s obviously overworked isn’t he Mary? Doesn’t get home much?"

Gogglebox's Chris & Stephen Stop-Motion

Sainsbury's Gogglebox Chris & Stephen

Mesmerised by the ad, Stephen said "see, this is what Christmas is about for me... food."

Gogglebox's Jenny & Lee Stop-Motion

Sainsbury's Gogglebox Jenny & Lee

In Hull, it was Jenny who got the most excited by the food in the advert, much to Lee's bemusement, coming out with comments like "I'm slathering" and "I wish I could smell it."


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