Most Haunted At Saltmarshe Hall, Part One - Series 16, Episode 9 Review

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Most Haunted At Saltmarsh Hall

The current series of Most Haunted comes to an end with the second half of the team's mammoth two-part investigation of a Grade II listed regency house.

In the first half of a two-part Most Haunted special in East Yorkshire, Yvette takes her team to a place that has a reputation for harbouring restless souls.

Saltmarshe Hall is one of Yorkshire's best kept secrets, a building that looks as though it belongs in one of Jane Austin's novels. It's a Grade II listed regency house the remained in the same family for over 900 years. Sir Lionel Saltmarshe was knighted in 1067 by William the Conqueror and was given the house and the land.

The building was extended by Philip Saltmarshe throughout the 1800s, and the last of the family line died out in the 1970s. The building still stands proud and its new owners are still unearthing its formidable past.

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Is Saltmarshe Hall Haunted?

Fred Batt At Saltmarsh Hall - Most Haunted

Beneath its splendid exterior lies a network of allegedly haunted corridors and rooms, not to mention the warren of tunnels and walkways underneath the house, which once would have been used by servants. Dark shadows are seen lurking in corners, strange sounds seem to come from the walls, and sinister shapes are said to appear and then vanish into thin air.

The north wing of the property, which houses eerie cellars and disused stables, has been abandoned for over 70 years. The cellars are said to be home to the spirit of a very aggressive man who hates anyone going in there.

Apparitions have been seen in the servants' quarters, the wine cellar, and a lady in white has been spotted near a pond in the grounds.

The show's resident demonologist, Fred Batt was looking forward to investigating the building. He said, "a very important thing to remember is on two sides of the house you've got the River Ouse, it goes right round the house and water always is a good conductor for paranormal activity. Being a demonologist I hope we pick up some bad entities, some bad energies."

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The Walk Around

Yvette Fielding & Mel Crump Most Haunted

The team started their walk around in the cellar, an area of that house that would have once been busy with servants running back and forth. Almost straight away Karl Beattie reported hearing a groaning sounds, while Yvette and Mel Crump were convinced they could hear a voice mumbling along with other members of the team when Darren Hutchinson spoke.

These mumbles were followed by a high-pitched whistle and a rumble underneath Karl's feet. The two girls then felt a cold wind across their face, which coincided with a sound coming from the wine cellar, so they went to investigate.

As soon as they walked into the large wine cellar they heard the sound of something being thrown, but couldn't find anything on the floor that would have been the cause. They then heard a metallic sound, and Stuart Torevell found a lightbulb on the floor which could have been the cause.

After hearing a door band loudly, they went to take a look at the stables, which Yvette described as being very posh. The white lady who roams the grounds has also been seen in the stables. As they walked further something hit Stuart on the head, Yvette heard if fly past her head.

The Cellars

Karl Beattie At Saltmarsh Hall - Most Haunted

With the lights out, the investigation began with Karl and Stuart alone in the cellar, while the rest of the team took a break. The pair were both armed with a camera at different ends of the large cellar.

Karl was in the wine cellar calling out to the spirits. Things started off quite quiet, but as Karl pointed out, there's not much for spirits to bang on our move in an abandoned cellar with solid brick walls. But it wasn't long before he heard several noises and bangs coming from an adjoining room.

As Karl investigated the adjoining room he heard a loud thud, which seemed to come from the door behind him that lead to the other end of the cellar. He opened that door, but there was no one there. Just as he was about to leave the cellar, he heard a long whining sound, which was picked up on camera. It was an eerie sound, although it could have just been a passing train, like one we saw passing the hall earlier in the show.

Meanwhile, Stuart was at the opposite end of the cellar sat in front of his camera calling out to the spirits when he heard bang. Whispering he said, "I heard a bang, it sounded like a band or something being thrown, one of the two. It came from the room I just left." But he was interrupted mid-sentence by an even louder bang, he then said he heard a growl and called out to the spirits, "who's with me now?"

He went to investigate where the sound had come from and heard more bangs coming from all around him. Stuart said, "the atmosphere in here has gone so intense, it's unbelievable." Moments later, Stuart heard someone banging on the door. He said, "there's someone here. I think it's children playing."

After a few more bangs, he said "I'm bailing out, guys. That's it, I'm going to abandon ship. I can't stand this any longer, my nerves are just shot to s**t now. I wanna go back and see where the rest of the guys are."
Darren Hutchinson At Saltmarshe Hall - Most Haunted

After their break, Yvette, Mel and Darren took over in the creepy cellars. Yvette said, "coming in here now, I actually want to be sick."

Darren took the lead with an experiment to see if he could encourage any spirits present to copy him. He explained, "what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to tap my foot on the floor twice and if there's anybody down here who would like to communicate with us, then copy what I'm doing."

He then stamped on the floor and the three of them listened in silence for a response. Darren was the only one who heard something, which he described as a breath out.

Darren's camera light then started to flash and play up, while he was trying to fix it, Yvette heard a whining sound.

The Stables

Karl Beattie & Stuart Torevell At Saltmarshe Hall - Most Haunted

Meanwhile, Karl and Stuart were alone in the stables where they heard a sound straight away, but they thought it was probably just an owl. Other than it started off slowly and quiet, until Karl said he thought he heard a breath and called out, "who are you?"

A few minutes later, Stuart said he heard what sounded like the shuffling of feet. Karl started calling out again, "come on, we're not scared of you. Throwing something at us, affect one of us." Stuarts asked, "are there any stable men or stable boys with us here now?"

His words were followed by a loud band, which Stuart said sounded like something landing. He called out, "is there someone here with us now?" And the pair then heard footsteps, which could be clearly heard on camera and lasted for several seconds.

Karl said, "those were some of the most proper footsteps I've ever heard." With that the first part of the investigation came to an end, but I'm pretty sure there's plenty more to come, especially when the team venture into the second floor of the north wing, a part of the building which has been sealed up for years.
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