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February 19, 2018 6:00 AM

If you'd like exclusive early access to blog posts up to a month in advance and the chance to get to see my YouTube videos before anyone else, now you can by supporting my on Patreon.

So, in case you don't know who I am, which is likely, I'm Steve a digital content producer with 20 years experience creating videos, podcasts and website features for some of the biggest media brands in the UK, as well as creating my own online catalogue of quirky creations.

Since the beginning of 2017 I've been focussing on where I've been publishing daily blog posts relating to the world of the paranormal, mysteries, conspiracies, and secret bunkers, as well as a sprinkling of sci-fi and just about any weird news I encounter.

As well as my website, I'm probably best known online for my YouTube channel, HiggypopUK where I make weekly potion videos which confuse, excite and entertain.

As my website and YouTube channels have grown I've been able to produce more videos, and write more blog posts. However, my potion videos can be expensive to make as they require props and ingredients, but thankfully, as my channel has grown my earnings have enabled me to build a new set, buy lots of interesting pieces of occult paraphernalia, and purchase a new camera to make my videos even better.

The same has happened on my website, the growth I've seen has enabled me to report on ghost hunts at some interesting locations including former secret underground factories, and the meeting place of a secret society, not to mention the house with the reputation of being the most haunted in the UK.

I'd love the opportunity to bring you more. Your support will enable me to continue to offer this same level of content, plus much more in terms of field reporting, as I'm hoping to start producing more video at some of the spookiest, most secretive, and fascinating locations around the country.

I'm currently offering three different reward levels, starting from as little as $1 a month. Depending on the tier you've selected, you'll get the following as part of your reward...

Previews of YouTube videos
I usually produce my YouTube videos at least five days in advance, so you'll usually get access to those around about a week before they go live to my subscribers on YouTube.

Early access to blog post
I usually have a around about a month's worth of content scheduled in advance. As a patron you'll get early access to most of it, the posts I think you'll like. Not also post will be made available to patrons first, this includes content that is newsworthy or time sensitive.

Access to exclusive polls and Q&As
You'll be able to chat to me via my Patreon page whenever you like, but from time to time I'll run exclusive polls and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

FREE access to a Paralearning
Become a paranormal investigator with an online paranormal course of your choice at Learn all there is to know on the topic of ghost hunting and earn a qualification for free.

At a time when content creators are experiencing a decrease in revenue from video advertising, and ad blocker usage is on the increase, it's more important than ever to support independent creators. So, I sincerely thank you for considering to support me through Patreon. If you decide not to become a patron, then I urge you to support some of the other fantastic content creators who can be found on this platform.

Thanks again, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then please send me a direct message.

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