Signs Your Dog Is Gay

September 13, 2013 5:08 PM
Has your dog's obsession with neckerchiefs, diamante collars and hair products got you thinking is my dog gay?

1. #YMCA

Gay Dog 1

Partial to an afternoon out with The Village People.

2. Snap!

Gay Dog 2

They colour co-ordinate their outfit with their owner.

3. Fangirl

Gay Dog 3

They enjoy sporting the occasional Madonna t-shirt and get jealous of your high heels.

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4. Party Pooch

Gay Dog 4

They get mistaken for the pinata at your Mexican-themed party.

5. Dressed to impress

Gay Dog 5

They wear their summer hat at the perfect angle to avoid messing up those curly locks.

6. Baby blue

Gay Dog 6

They save their best baby blue t-shirt for that special day out with the family.

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7. Doggy do

Gay Dog 7

They straighten their hair to emphasize their cheekbones.

8. Tickled pink

Gay Dog 8

They take their love for P!nk a step too far.

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9. Safe friendships

Gay Dog 9

He gets nervous when hanging out with female dogs.

10. Just this

Gay Dog 10

And finally...Do I really have to explain this one?


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