What Equipment To Take On A UFO Skywatch

June 18, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalUFOs
UFO Skywatch
Skywatching for unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is a fun activity that combines elements of astronomy, technology, and sometimes a bit of the paranormal. UFO hunting is pretty much open to anyone, all it really requires is your own eyes, but like other hobbies, there's plenty of specialist equipment that you could take along.

Whether you're using binoculars or telescopes, cameras or smartphones, each piece of equipment has its own advantages and can enhance your skywatch experience. While the chances of capturing a clear image of a UFO are slim, the thrill of the hunt and the camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts make it a rewarding past time.

If you're thinking of embarking on your first skywatch or simply want to up your UFO hunting game, then we've put together a list of essential equipment to complement your UFO spotting journey. So, gather your gear, find a dark sky location, and keep your eyes on the skies – you never know what you might see.



Binoculars are essential for any skywatcher and can be purchased for a reasonable price. They offer a wider field of view compared to telescopes, making it easier to scan large areas of the sky. Modern binoculars often come with night vision and recording capabilities, allowing you to document anything unusual you might see and even those you can't see with the naked eye. Binoculars are more portable than telescopes and can be quickly aimed to pinpoint fast-moving objects in the sky.



While binoculars are great for quick scanning, telescopes provide more detailed views of distant objects. They are excellent for observing planets, stars, and potential UFOs in greater detail. However, telescopes have a narrower field of view, which might make it harder to spot moving objects.


Camera Night Sky

Some argue that cameras are essential for documenting your skywatch experience. However, UFO photos are notoriously hard to capture clearly. Cameras just aren't great at capturing pinpoint dots of light in a vast sky. Having said that, obtaining photographic or video evidence is massively desirable, and having a camera ready will increase your chances of obtaining it. We just don't think you should let operating a camera distract you from what might be an incredible personal experience. If you do decide to use a camera, DSLR cameras with long exposure settings are a good choice as they can capture more detail than the naked eye can see, but don't overlook your smart phone, especially if it has an astrophotography mode. Whether using a camera or phone, mounting it on a tripod will ensure stability and better-quality images.


Smartphone Star Maps

Smartphones are incredibly versatile tools for skywatchers. Several apps can help you identify celestial objects, track satellites, and even alert you to upcoming astronomical events. Apps like SkyView, Star Walk, and Stellarium are popular among enthusiasts. These apps provide real-time information on what you're seeing in the sky, making it easier to differentiate between stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. In addition to astronomical apps, flight tracking apps like Flightradar24 or FlightAware can be invaluable. These apps allow you to track commercial and private aircraft in real time, helping you rule out man-made aircraft from potential UFO sightings.

Infrared & Thermal Cameras

Thermal Imaging Camera Paranormal

Infrared and thermal cameras can detect heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye. These devices are often used in ghost hunting but can be equally useful in UFO hunting to detect any anomalies in the sky that might not be visible through standard optical equipment.

Tripods & Mounts

Tripods for UFO Skywatch

Stable images and videos are crucial in UFO hunting. A good tripod or mount can keep your binoculars, telescope, or camera steady, reducing blur and improving the clarity of your observations. Some tripods are designed specifically for binoculars and telescopes, providing additional features like smooth panning and tilting.

Laser Pointer

Green Laser in Night Sky

A laser pointer is a simple yet effective tool for pointing out stars, planets, or potential UFOs to your friends. High-powered green lasers are often used because they are the most visible in the night sky, even under light-polluted conditions. The human eye is more sensitive to green light, making it easier to see compared to red or blue lasers.

EMF Meter & Other Paranormal Tools

EMF Multi-Field Detector & K-II Meter

While primarily used in ghost hunting, some UFO hunters use EMF meters to detect electromagnetic fields, which some believe are associated with UFO activity. Other tools like RF detectors, sound recording devices, and Geiger counters can also add an interesting dimension to your skywatch, though their effectiveness in UFO hunting is still debated.

Comfort & Practical Items

Camping Chair

Comfort is key for a successful sky watching session, especially if you plan to stay out for several hours. Bring camping chairs to provide comfortable seating, and dress in warm clothes such as jackets, hats, gloves, and thermal socks to stay cosy in cooler night temperatures. Blankets or sleeping bags can offer additional warmth and comfort, allowing you to lie on the ground comfortably.

Don't forget to pack snacks and drinks, with a thermos of hot tea or coffee being particularly comforting. Insect repellent can be crucial in bug-prone areas to keep pests at bay. Additionally, red light flashlights are useful for illuminating your surroundings without disrupting your night vision. By preparing with these comfort items, you can ensure an enjoyable and uninterrupted sky watching experience.


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