Speedy Pete's Internet Directory

March 25, 2010 12:33 AM

I've invented a new way to search... the old fashioned way.

Speedy Pete's Internet Directory

I've decided to take on Google and build Speedy Pete's Internet Directory.  I heard Speedy Pete mentioned on the genius Aussie radio show, Hamish & Andy... like many others I searched the net looking for Pete's back to basic approach to search.

Sadly, in reality the site didn't exist.  So, I researched hundreds of websites to come up with a modern and stylish design.  I've read technical articles on the best way to run a search engine and I think I've found it.

At the moment we all use the phrase "Google it" but I predict that within three weeks will just say "Speedy hyphen Pete it!"

2017 Update

As of today, Speedy Pete's Internet Directory is no more. I took the decision to kill the site as part of a plan to reduce some of my projects and concentrate on the more successful ones. Visitor numbers have tailed off and Google have updated their API (yes, Speedy Pete was powered by Google) and the work required to update the site to work with the new API just isn't worth the effort.

I hope you enjoyed Speedy Pete's seven year run as the leading competition to Google... yeah, that's the other thing, it wasn't really set up in 1996.

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