Most Haunted At Standon Hall, Part Three - Series 20, Episode 10 Review

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Standon Hall Outbuildings

Yvette Fielding and the team are back on REALLY this Friday 16th June at 10pm and not only does the episode mark the end of the current series, but it's also the end of a mammoth two night investigation of the grade II listed Standon Hall in Stafordshire which has spanned three episodes.

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"This has got to be one of the most active, haunted locations we have ever investigated."
Yvette Fielding


The huge abandoned manor house and its derelict outbuildings have already given the team one of their most terrifying paranormal investigations to date and there were more scares waiting for them in the third part of the investigation.

Early on sound recordist Darren Hutchinson said, "there is something in here with us, I am more convinced in here than I have been in many other locations in a long time." In the first two episodes, Yvette and her husband Karl Beattie got spooked in the basement, while the rest of the team experienced sinister knocks and bangs in an old bedroom. Karl then had a dangerous encounter with flying knives in the kitchen with the show's demonologist, Fred Batt. Then, while in the building shooting cutaways, Karl caught a wheelchair on camera, seemingly moving of its own accord.

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The Story Continues...

This week's episode begins with the team split into two groups, Karl took Fred and camera man, Gregg Smith to the attic of the manor house, while Yvette remained in the outbuildings with Darren and the show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt.

The show got off to weird start. In the manor house, which was built as a private home in 1910, then later used as a hospital until being abandoned, Karl and Fred claimed that the ghost was following Fred as he walked. Presumably they could hear sounds coming from around Fred as he walk, but as a viewer at home I could only hear Fred walking and couldn't really workout exactly what was going on.

Then things started getting thrown around, first a fork which Fred said had followed them from the kitchen and a tea cup which smashed on impact with the floor, the group couldn't explain how a tea cup had found it's way to a bathroom on the top level of the building.
Most Haunted Fork

The two groups then swapped over, Karl and Fred experienced more bangs and shadows in the outbuildings and Yvette took her team to the attic where they performed a seance and some table tipping. The table tipping worked well, it was clear to see that the table was slowly rotating under Yvette, Glen and Darren's fingers. It was however a little disappointing as Glen is supposed to be a skeptic and table tipping is a tried and tested example of ideomotor suggestion, Glen should know all about this as a rational skeptic but instead says "I can feeling it turning anti-clockwise under my fingers but I still couldn't tell you what's doing it." But then I suppose it would be no fun if he discredited everything.
Most Haunted Table Tipping

Meanwhile Karl, Fred and Darren started out their vigil of the outbuildings, Yvette had radioed through on a walky-talky to say "please be careful in there, tell Fred not to do any incantations and don't push it." Karl relayed his wife's concerned warning to Fred as, "Yvette said you can do some incantations and push it."

Fred didn't treat us to any demonic incantations at first but there were plenty of occasions when wheelchairs scattered around the building seemed to move from place to place and Karl even reported witnessing a grey, shadowy figure.
Most Haunted At Standon Hall Staffordshire

Yvette and her team then came over to the outbuildings and were reunited with Karl's half of the team. They decided to spend the remainder of the night in the outbuildings but in two groups at different ends of the building.

This time Darren was operating the camera with Karl and Fred, but not for long. No sooner had Yvette, Glen and Gregg left, Fred started his incantations "in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi" and Darren was having none of it, "here we go" he said as he slammed his camera down on the side and went off to find Yvette instead.

Darren came across the others as they were trying to encourage the spirits to move an abandoned wheelchair, it did seem to shuffle a little but even Yvette admitted that this wasn't really irrefutable evidence of the paranormal.
Most Haunted Bird Cage

At the other end of the building Karl and Fred were running up and down the corridor hearing bangs and seeing shadows, while looking for the source of the disturbances in one room they commented on an empty bird cage, as the pair left the room and let the door swing closed behind them, there was a crash and when they went back inside the room the cage had moved. The cage was some distance from the door and well out of reach of Karl and Fred so quite how the cage shifted position is unknown.

Things were about to get scary for Yvette too, as her and the others gave up on the wheelchair she spotted a figure stood at the end of a corridor. Yvette lost it, genuinely freaked out by the figure, which at first she thought was Karl. Yvette described the figure as having grey hair, which matches Karl description of a grey figure.

A few minutes later a wheelchair was forcibly rammed into a wall by an unseen presence at the same spot as Yvette had seen the figure. Luckily Karl and Fred weren't far away and the team regrouped before bringing the investigation to a close.

As the team walked out of the dark building, the series of Most Haunted came to an end. The series has been really entertaining, I've looked forward to each episode and there have been some brilliant moments throughout the series, from the "groundbreaking" footage of the Wentworth Ghost, Fred's incantations, plenty of things being thrown and lots of spooky sounds captured on camera, but the most of entertaining moments has been when we get to witness Yvette telling off Karl for messing with spirits.

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The final episode of Most Haunted for this series airs this Friday on REALLY. Watch #Frightday on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

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