Steve Higgins Joins Necronomicast Host Brian Corey To Talk About The Supernatural & Subterranean

May 15, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormal

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Brian Corey, Necronomicast
Broadcasting from Omaha, Nebraska, Brian Corey, host of the popular Necronomicast, invites Steve Higgins onto his show to share tales and discoveries from the supernatural and subterranean world.

The Necronomicast is a bi-weekly podcast that brings listeners the horror of Hollywood and beyond, including stories of the paranormal, cryptozoology, true crime, and much more. In his latest episode, which is available now on your favourite podcast platform, Brian talks to Steve about his underground adventures and the latest trends and theories in the paranormal world.

As the founder of, Steve has written hundreds of thousands of words about the paranormal but is also an urban explorer. His recently released book, 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits', explores the mysteries of underground factories, hidden ammo stores, and secret nuclear hideouts.
Steve told the podcast host in a late night conversation that the paranormal and urban exploration share the excitement of discovering unique and unusual places. He shared his experiences exploring underground locations in the UK, including the Burlington Bunker, which is often compared to the infamous Area 51. Steve also discussed the challenges and dangers faced during these explorations, including crawling through tight spaces and traversing jagged rocks.

Host Brian read a quote from Steve's book that captured his philosophy on underground exploration: "Underground exploration has always been about the journey. The people I've met along the way, the lifelong friends I've made, the rare glimpses of another time I've peeked inside of, and the forgotten history I've uncovered along the way."

The conversation also touched on Steve's website, Higgypop, and his approach to covering paranormal topics as a skeptic. Steve explained that his ability to understand both sides of the paranormal argument allows him to write content that appeals to believers and non-believers alike.

When asked about his thoughts on American paranormal TV shows, Steve emphasised the importance of first-hand experiences in validating paranormal evidence, stating, "Without being there myself, I can never really validate or be confident that that evidence is real because it's not captured in a controlled environment."

The episode dropped following Brian's announcement of the most unique and important paranormal events in the United States this year. On Saturday, October 7, Brian will be hosting Historic Haunted Heartland live at the Benson Theatre in Omaha. The event features renowned saxophonist from Colorado, Andrew Vogt, whose talents will help harness the psychical energy of the audience living and deceased to open a doorway for communication. Plus appearances from paranormal expert John E. L. Tenney and television psychic Cindy Kaza. You can find out more about the event at, or follow the show on social media for more information.

Don't miss out on Brian and Steve's full conversation as they delve into the world of the paranormal and urban exploration, covering topics such as UFOs and one of Steve's own unexplained experiences. To listen to this episode and more from Necronomicast, head to your favourite podcast platform, where you can find more than 200 episodes of the podcast.

If you want to know more about Steve's subterranean adventures, be sure to grab a copy of his book, 'Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits'. The book is available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook formats on Amazon and Audible. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of urban exploration and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

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