Stranger Things 3 Major Teasers & Episode Titles Revealed

December 12, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Stranger ThingsTelevisionNetflix

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Not much is known about the forthcoming third season of the Netflix series 'Stranger Things' other than the fact that it will be released at some point in 2019, but this week the streaming giant has teased us with the new episode's titles.

We know that the drama will continue to take place in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Indiana, and that the series is set in the summer of 1985. We also already know that the third season will drop to eight episodes. This is down one episode on season two, but back to the original count for season one.

The reason why this season is slightly shorter might be because the producers have gone on the record to state this time round life will be a little easier for Will Byers. Season one saw him trapped in the Upside Down, whilst season two saw him possessed and terrorised by the Shadow Monster.

Thanks to a video released by Netflix this week, we now know the title of every episode in the new shorter, eight-episode series.

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The titles don't give much away. The first episode, "Suzie, Do You Copy?" implies the use of a walkie talkie. There's one character who loved chatting on the radio in the second season and that's Lucas' sassy younger sister, Erica played by 11-year-old Priah Ferguson.

One of the show's creators, Matt Duffer, has already confirmed that we can expect to see more of Erica next time round. He said, "I love Erica, she wasn't even supposed to be in season two as much as she was. We fell in love with this girl". His brother a co-creator, Ross, said "there will definitely be more Erica in season three".

However, we don't yet have any indication of who Erica might be talking to, as we've not yet met a character called Suzie. This character could tie into episode three, "The Case of the Missing Lifeguard". Could Erica have inadvertently made contact with a missing lifeguard from Hawkins who's stuck in the Upside Down that? Although we don't yet know who Suzie is, it's already been revealed that Maya Hawke is set to play the role of a new character in the upcoming series.

The episodes "The Mall Rats" and "The Battle of Starcourt" revolve around the show's newest location, the futuristic Starcourt Mall, which we've already seen in a teaser for the new season.

The trailer, which was dropped in July, takes the form of an 80s TV advert for the Starcourt Mall, a new indoor shopping mall opening in Hawkins. Like a mini episode of Stranger Things itself, there's a swathe of 80s references to pick up on โ€“ if nothing else, the 80s fashions on display are incredible.

One of the featured shops in the advert is the 'Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop' and wearing a dainty sailors outfit and serving ice cream treats to the hot and bothered citizens of Hawkins is the familiar character, Steve Harrington.

The other episode titles don't give much away and it's likely we won't find out any more until the new season comes to Netflix next year. Although there's no date set yet, the new teaser carries the tagline, "in the summer of 1985, the adventure continues." Could this indicate a summer 2019 release for the new season?

Season three will feature Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, and Charlie Heaton. As well as Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery, who joined the cast in season two.

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