Summon A Pokémon In The Real World With A Potion

December 31, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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We all know there are too many Pokémon to be able to catch them all, but there is a potion that will allow you to summon a Pokémon at will. Below are the instructions to brew this magical concoction using a few special ingredients.

1. Aprijuice

Pokémon Potion 1

First take your cauldron and pour in one whole apriblender of aprijuice made from five green apricorns. You can use other colours of the berry too, but green is best.

2. Rare Candy

Pokémon Potion 2

Then drop in three rare candies. These are easy to get and cost just 500 pokémiles.

3. Long Grass

Pokémon Potion 3

Pokémon can often be found in long grass, so add some into your potion to entice one.

4. Poképuff

Pokémon Potion 4

If you'd like a well manner and affectionate Pokémon, then add in one fresh poképuff.

Pokémon Potion 5

The next ingredient will determine what Pokémon you get. I used a purple squeaky dog's toy. Then with a spoon, stir well your mixture well.

Pokémon Potion 6

Then leave your potion to mature over night in a dark room. I'm using this closet with the door firmly closed.

Pokémon Potion 7

The next day you'll find a Pokémon egg in the bottom of your cauldron. Remove it and wait for it to hatch. I've created a new type of Pokémon, he's called Purpsqueek. Purpsqueek is a milk-based Pokémon, his exceptionally large ears allow him to hear sounds from over 12 miles away.

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