Svetlana The Dating Scammer

April 16, 2015 1:03 AM ‐ Long Reads

I received an email from the very beautiful Svetlana, a young Russian lady who was looking for love and luckily, she'd found my profile on a dating site. Join me as I learn all about this Russian temptress and follow us as our relationship blossoms.

Svetlana Russian Scammer




It’s Svetlana and I am a 28 years lady. You may be wondering who I am, I found you at site of date and decided find out more about you. I for the first time try to meet man by this method so I decided to try. I am a single lady and I would very much like to learn more about you. I will send a picture in my next letter so you could see what I look like, and I will be happy to get some back of you. I would like to find a serious man for serious relations, someone older than me.

Don't reply to me if you are not single or you got message wrongly.



Hi Svetlana,

I wasn't aware I was on any dating sites but that's fine, it was a pleasurable to receiving your letter and the photograph which came attached to it (the letter). You are VERY pretty and beautiful! I don't often get emails from girls like you where I am.

I am a little older than you, not much, I'm 32. Do you live in London? I only ask as I take it English isn't your first lasagne?

I look forward to talking to you some milk.




Hello Richard,

What is your real name? My real name you already know, my name is Sveta!

Now I tell you about me! I am assured that you wish know it. My native land Russia, and I I live in Russia in my native city in Samara now! Samara is a very beautifull city! I was born I was born in September, 25th, 1987.

Having looked at my photos you will think that there have been many men, but this is not so! I never was married and I do not have children!

I work as the proof-reader in the local newspaper. I correct errors in articles and I give to the editor the ready text. When I went to school, English language was my favourite subject.

I love children and would like to have them in the future.

Write more, do not hesitate, I will be glad to know you!!

I wait for the letter. Sveta!!!



Good hidings,

Again your photo does sexy things to me, you would look sooo hot with a beard. My real name is Richard or Richard, but you can call me Rich... because I am, hahaha!

That's a coincidental! My birthington day is also September 25th! We are like a match made in Devon! I was born in Quoften which is a small commune about three-eighths outside of London. My nearest Subway is open until 11pm.

I have previously been married, but my marriage came to a very sudden end last year, hence my current situation. That day was also the last time I saw my children, they are resting now.

You are an editor, that sounds like an interesting job, lucky you're not a translator. I find it hard to believe that your favourite lesson was English.

I used to work in banking until, well, you know... Banking this, banking that, general banking really. I'm not sure if I would want any more children, to be honest, I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to after... well, who knows.

I am glad to know you too but you are dog-milk far away? Are you OK with making love through a long distance relationship?




I am glad to tell "HELLO" to my dear friend Richard again! And I hope that it also important for you, as well as for me. I have read your letter with the big pleasure!

Richard I think, that you wanted know more about my interests and a hobby. I will begin one after another. I like to listen to different music. I do not take a great interest in any concrete direction in music.

I very much love cinema, and in particular romantic and historical films. Recently I looked a film "James Camero: Avatar", and it became my favourite film! In this film very good opened theme of love to the nature.

I wish to pass to easier and amusing theme, let's speak about meal!! :-) As I already spoke to you I adore to cook. I take a great interest in a healthy food, I will not write now all dishes which I can prepare because it can occupy all the day! :-) Richard, you like to cook?

Believe to me, you fall in love with Russian kitchen. I would be not against to try kitchen of your country.

I love the nature, and also I love flowers. You like the nature Richard? How you like to spend your free time? Please write to me about it my dear Richard I want, that you knew all about me and also I wish to know all about you Richard!

I wish to ask you about quantity of things, Richard, and I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I wish to learn more about your interests!




Aloe vera Sveta,

It's really nice to hear from you (you), I was worried you weren't going to reply, it has been a few days. Have you been busy? You made me anxiety.

I actually didn't ask about you're interests and hobbies and to be honest, I have very little interest but thanks for sending me that lonnnnng chapter of your autobiography :-)

I like movies too, I very much like romantic historical movies which document the real life relationships between actual people from the past. My favourite is the 1967 romantic classic Bonnie and Clive which tells the story of the turbulent love triangle between television host Clive Anderson, comedian Sandi Toksvig and Bonnie from Big Brother 7.

I don't cook much, I used to but not any more. All the food is served on trays here, we call it "slop", I do miss food.

It's funny you should say about falling in love with a Russian kitchen, that's exactly what happened to my brother. We had a kitchen fitted by the Russian kitchen chain Kukhnya. My brother really fell for it hard, we had to call out the fire brigade after he got his meaty fork stuck in an easy-glide drawer.

Oh, I do love nature so. Sadly nature is something else I am missing. The closest I get to nature now is the yard on recreational breaks but it's not the same as chasing a deer through an open meadow on quad bike.

Please do not mention sport. My father was a tennis player and he left my mother after getting involved with the mens’ semi's, it’s a touchy subject.

My free time I mostly spend painting, there's also the option to get involved in classes like brush making and working in the license plate factory. So life is pretty varied all things considered.

Hope to hear back from you soon, please don't be so long in to your reply time please, I enjoyment of the talking to you. You are quickly becomming a powerful friend in my life.




Dear Richard,

I see that we are interested the friend in the friend more and more, and I think that you share my belief Richard. Richard you very good friend, you can understand me, and I think, that it is the important part of a life. Richard, you agree with me, Richard?

Today I have met the old acquaintance, her name Oksana. I have certainly told to it about you Richard. She has certainly become agitated for me, has told that now the Internet is overflowed by a deceit and lie!!! But I have calmed her and have let know, that you very good man, and that you can be trusted!!!!

She asked me to transfer to you hello from her.

My dear Richard, I have understood now, that I very much would like to hear your voice! I think, that it is fine idea. Richard I to wish to tell to you, that the house at me is not present now any phone!!! But I can exploit the phone in the Telegraph! Please tell me your telephone number!!!

I wait your phone number, and very much I believe, that I can soon speak with you. Tell to me please about your friends!!! It would be very interesting to me to esteem about them.

On this good note I finish my letter to you, I hope you it read already today and soon I will see your answer!!!!!

Take care,



Tres bien my beautiful Sveta,

It’s nice to hear from you with my reading eyes once again, two times a lady.

I do fully agree with you and I mostly understand, although to be honest it is very difficult to understand. Subway have run out of bacon, no BLTs for them today then, hahaha!

But seriously, I would love to hear your voice with my ears, it is not the same seeing your voice in writing. Please call me, it would be magical to talk to in personage. My phone number is this phone number +44 7899 XXXXXX.

Tell Oksana I received her transfer and have reversed it back to her in a gesture of mutual friendship. I prefer salad cream to mayonnaise.

You wish for me to tell you about my friends…. well obviously I haven’t seen most of them in years because I’m in here. Some visit from time to time but most of them deserted me after what happened with my ex-wife… well, she’s not just an ex-wife, she’s an ex-human now - hahaha, I’m sorry I shouldn’t joke.

I’ve made a few friends here though, Norman, Mr. Barrowclough, Lennie, Warren and Governor Venables.

Hope to hear back from you soon or to hear your voice on the telephelone.

Until next time, sleep well and don’t have nightmares.




Hi Richard!!

Today I did not sleep all night long and thought only of you. To me was so alone and as I was glad to see again at myself yours e-mail. And I with pleasure speak to you: "HI!!!" Thanks for your letter, I read it some times.

I am so happy to that has met you mine Richard in this big world. I very much value our friendship and is very glad to see you as my friend. I like your understanding through my keys of the keyboard. I never thought and did not know that it is possible to be on friendly terms through letters. Thanks that you have released my soul from chains of a household life.

I write you the full address where I live also the full name.
Rabochii gorodok Street 6
City Samara,
Russian Federation

I hope to obtain from you too your full data?

Thanks you for it my friend Richard!!! I so am afraid to send to you this letter, I do not know your reaction but I wished to tell to you that I feel.

My dear I will call you as soon as possible for me.




Trampette du jour to you Sveta!

Crispy Mother of Batman, it’s so nice to hear from you again my angular Sveta! Strap yourself in because this email is going to be off the mother loving chain!!

Cola bottles.

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping, I know that feeling… you should try sharing a cell with three other men! LOL (Laughing On Line).

I’m not sure I would describe you as a friend just yet but I would definitely say that you are some who I have recently come to regard as someone I’ve emailed a few times. This excites me both mentally in mind and sexually in my pants.

Thank you, I have now obtained your home address successfully, this should come in handy if I’m ever in the Russia area. I’m more than happy to reverse furbish you with my postal addressing.

My address is this address:
Block 5, Cell 497
H.M. Prison Brixton
Jebb Avenue,
United Federation of Great Britain

I’m looking forward to speaking at you via my telecoms system. Perhaps I could demonstrate some of my imprestinations I can do, for example Lord Jimmy the Savile “now there, now there.” LOL (Laughing On Line (again)).

Anyway, I must go my internet allowance is almost up. Please call me before I puke.

In the name of Lord Gregory’s Bath I bid thee good partings,

Maybe it was something I said, it seems Sveta doesn't want to talk to me any more. Still, there's plenty more catfish across the sea.

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