10 Tales Of Love That Resulted In Ghosts & Hauntings

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Not all relationships end happily ever after, some marriages end prematurely perhaps due to untimely death, an affair, dispute or even murder. It's claimed that these strong emotional events can leave their mark, resulting in ghost stories and hauntings witnessed by future generations.

Below are 10 famous hauntings which are routed in troubled relationships, based on tales of lost love or feature brokenhearted ghosts.

1. Towneley Hall, Burnley

Most Haunted At Towneley Hall

The Grade I listed hall stands at the southern end of Towneley Park, a large area of parkland in Burnley. The hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who roams the land looking for her lost lover. She's been called the White Lady and is most often seen stood on the hall's battlements and turrets at night looking out for a long lost lover who never returns.

2. Lover's Leap, Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton. Derbyshire

The village of Stoney Middleton in Derbyshire is known for a haunting that dates back to 1762 when Hannah Baddeley was jilted by her lover. The heartbroken villager tried to take her life by jumping from a cliff overlooking the village. Thankfully, she survived the fall after her clothing got caught up in trees. As a result, the ledge is now known as Lover's Leap. It's now said that Hannah haunts the area, including the building at the bottom of the drop.

3. Zennor, Cornwall

Zennor, Cornwall

The picturesque costal village of Zennor in Cornwall has a haunting that relates to an unusual love story. It all started when a well-dressed woman started attending services at the village's St. Senara's Church. The locals soon became enchanted by her angelic singing voice. In particular she gained the admiration of a chorister named Matthew Trewhella. One day Matthew followed her to her home at Pendour Cove and the two were never seen again.

Then one Sunday a ship cast anchor about a mile from the cove, shortly after a mermaid appeared, and asked that the anchor be raised, as it was resting on her door, and she was unable to reach her children. The villagers of Zennor concluded that this mermaid must be the same mysterious woman who had visited their church and had enticed Matthew to come and live with her.

On summer nights, it's said that the lovers can be heard singing together at the church, where a specially decorated "mermaid chair" can be seen to this day.

4. Red Lion, Avebury

The Red Lion Inn, Wiltshire

The historic pub dating back to 1802 is situated right in the middle of Avebury's famous stone circle in Wiltshire. The pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman named Florie, who was killed when her husband returned unannounced from fighting in the English Civil War and caught her in the arms of another man. The jealous husband shot her illicit lover dead and slit his wife's throat before throwing her body in to the well. The well is a feature in the pub to this day. The ghost of Florie is now said to roam the inn searching for a man with a beard, it's not if she's looking for her husband or her lover.

5. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is said to be one of the most haunted castles in England. One of its most famous spooks is the ghost of Lady Mary Berkeley. She was a former resident of the castle whose husband had an affair with her sister. She's said to have died of heartbreak in the Grey Apartment. There's now a painting of her in the room which guests have claimed to see her come out of, other visitors to the castle say they have heard her grey dress rustling in the dead of night.

6. The Hellfire Caves, West Wycombe

Hellfire Caves

The atmospheric and allegedly very haunted manmade caves in Buckinghamshire are said to have a dark story of love and death attached to them. The caves were once a meeting place for a secret society and it's claimed that a young girl named Suki was lured into the network of tunnels on the pretext of getting married. She entered the caves on the day wearing a wedding dress, only to find that her betrothed wasn't there and it was all a cruel joke. The prank backfired when tempers flared and a stone was thrown at Suki, killing her. Ever since the ghost of this young girl has been seen wandering through the caves in a Victorian wedding dress.

7. Ruthin Castle, North Wales

Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire
Photo: © DaniMSC

The Grey Lady of Ruthin Castle is said to have been the wife of the second in command of the castle, but when she discovered her husband was having an affair, she murdered her love rival and was executed for her crime, she was buried inside the castle grounds where she is now said to haunt.

8. Castle Hotel, Castleton

Castle Hotel, Castleton

In the village of Castleton in Derbyshire is the Castle Hotel, where the ghost of a bride has been witnessed wearing her wedding dress. It's said that the bride-to-be was due to have her wedding reception at the hotel, but was left heartbroken after being jilted at the altar on the day of her wedding and subsequently took her own life at the hotel.

9. Gwrych Castle, Conwy

Gwrych Castle, Rhyd-y-Foel, Conwy Castle

Gwrych Castle in North Wales is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a former owner, the Countess of Dundonald. Some say that she was buried in unconsecrated ground and has come back to haunt her husband after he took all of her valuables. Staff and visitors to the castle have reported seeing her in the form of a floating apparition wearing a white dress, most frequently in the Countess's Tower, which is said to be one of the most paranormally active parts of the ruins.

10. Braemar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Braemar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Braemar Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a newlywed woman. Convinced that her husband had deemed her an unsatisfactory lover and that she had made a bad wife after waking up and finding her new husband gone the morning after their wedding, the woman took her own life by leaping off the battlements. Unbeknownst to the woman, her husband had only gone on an early-morning hunting trip without informing her. She now appears as a warning to other newlyweds staying in the castle, not wanting them to make the same mistake.


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