'The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation' - The Show's Fourth Season Streams This October

September 25, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ HalloweenParanormal

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The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation
Danny Moss and his team of investigators are pushed to the limits of their fears in the fourth season of 'The Haunted Hunts', which streams in the run-up to Halloween from October 5.

The whole series of 'The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation' will be available to binge on Amazon Prime and The Haunted Hunts XTRA - the show's official Patreon stream.

Danny, along with Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter, and Roxanne Rutter are on a mission to test whether or not human fear can invoke a supernatural entity, or drive any existing entities already lurking at a location to become more active. The team must also balance this out with the knowledge that fear can cause the human brain to see or hear things that aren't really there.

Unlike the previous three series, this time around the team have no idea where they're going or what they might encounter over the course of ten new investigations. The team will be in the dark as they head out on their investigation, the only information they'll have is the location's postcode as given to them on the morning of the investigation.

Danny, said "'Project Invocation' is a completely new challenge for the team, we've had some fantastic success over the last three seasons and that was down to our research and tactical approach however, in season four we've been sent in completely blind to each location so it’s been very difficult knowing what techniques to use."

Ahead of the October premier, the full details on the ten upcoming episodes have been released giving fans an idea of what they can expect from 'Project Invocation'.

The Haunted Hunts: Season 4 'Project Invocation'

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Silver Mountain
The Haunted Hunts team head to an old mining facility in Wales for their first of ten challenges. They are about to discover what the crew have in store for them over the coming months but nothing can prepare them for what lies in the depths of Silver Mountain.

Episode 2: The Tivoli
The team investigate an historic building which is now a live music venue. Will their fear be tested as they take on their lone vigils and if so, will this invoke paranormal occurrences?

Episode 3: Ivy House
The crew surprise the team by splitting them up for the next two investigations. Charlie, Rox & Emma are sent to an incredibly eerie location which has recently become a hotspot for satanic rituals and para-urbexing.

Episode 4: Four Crosses
Danny & Becki are sent to the Four Crosses in Cannock but having had no contact with the rest of the team for 24 hours, they have no idea what to expect. Will this historic old coaching inn test their bravery?

Episode 5: Accrington Court
With the team back together, the crew begin to push the experiment further by locking them inside an abandoned old court house with a reputation of being extremely haunted. The Haunted Hunts team are severely tested in their fifth challenge.

Episode 6: Williamson Tunnels
The project invocation experiment has provided some interesting results but the crew need to push things further if they are to find evidence that human fear can trigger paranormal activity. They send the team to the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool.

Episode 7: The Victorian Underground
Just hours after their previous investigation, The Haunted Hunts team are sent to a mysterious location in Keighley where Emma finally breaks down. Have the crew proved that human fear does indeed trigger paranormal activity?

Episode 8: Llanfyllin Workhouse
Three challenges remain for The Haunted Hunts team. The crew send them to an old workhouse in North Wales with a dark history behind it. Will the spirits that are believed to haunt the building, feed off the teams fear when they are at their most vulnerable?

Episode 9: Cannock Chase
With two challenges remaining, the team face the daunting task of being split up in one of the UK’s most haunted forests. The crew have gone all out to trigger the teams fear.

Episode 10: Gresley Old Hall
The final challenge of the project invocation experiment see’s The Haunted Hunts team locked inside Gresley Old Hall in Derbyshire. As they are sent into the building one by one, they are about to witness a wave of paranormal activity. Has their fear invoked these occurrences and has their experiment come to a conclusion?
The new series promises to be the most interesting to date, not only because the team will be taking part in a unique paranormal experiment, but also because even the specific details of how they will investigate the location will be unknown to the fearless ghost hunters.

Upon arrival at each of the ten locations, the team will be given instructions on where they should go and how they should conduct their investigations, so expect terrifying lone vigils, unsettling sensory deprivation experiments, and team members being pushed outside of their comfort zones.

Back at HQ, it will be the job of team members Alice and Nick to set the team their assignment and set their tasks. Danny says, "fans saw glimpses of Nick and Alice in series three, but in this latest series they are really introduced as part of The Haunted Hunts family. They've absolutely tortured us over the last few months but they’ve been a real credit to what we've done."

The team's new series lands on Amazon Prime and The Haunted Hunts XTRA in time for Halloween. The ten new episodes will follow the team as they investigate a series of all-new locations without any prior knowledge of the dark history that each location hides, or what is supposed to haunt them.

The trailer for the ten new episodes teases one of the locations that will feature in the series, Silver Mountain, the former mine in Wales where the team's first challenge takes place.

'The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation' will be available to stream in demand from Tuesday, October 5 on Amazon Prime and The Haunted Hunts XTRA.

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