The Haunted Hunts Trivia Quiz 2021

January 16, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalTelevision
The Haunted Hunts
Ready for round two? We've got 20 more tricky questions about Danny Moss and The Haunted Hunts, one of the UK's best-known paranormal.

After a busy 2020 Danny and the gang have plenty of new ghostly adventures under their belt and plenty more to come, but how much do you know about their story so far? Test your knowledge with our tricky trivia quiz...

1. The Haunted Hunts are currently in production of their fourth Amazon Prime series. What’s it called?

2. Which famous location in Pendle did The Haunted Hunts investigate for the first time since 'Most Haunted Live!' in 2004?

3. The Haunted Hunts claim to own the most haunted doll in the UK. What is it called?

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4. In 2020 The Haunted Hunts released a two-hour special episode on Amazon Prime where they investigated which location?

5. Which historic inn featured in season two of The Haunted Hunts?

6. In episode three of season one which member of The Haunted Hunts team captured a door opening by itself on camera?

7. The Haunted Hunts famous haunted collection is stored at which location?

8. Which member of The Haunted Hunts team is the main camera operator?

9. In season three of The Haunted Hunts the team believe they found the exact site of Malkin Tower, but where was it?

10. Which UK city did The Haunted Hunts focus their investigation on in season two?

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11. Which member of The Haunted Hunts team is also one of the lead investigators on the television show 'Paranormal Captured'?

12. Which of these locations do The Haunted Hunts host public investigations?

13. Which member of The Haunted Hunts team was the most recent addition joining in 2017?

14. In season one of The Haunted Hunts, the team investigated which famous location?

15. Which of these famous parapsychologists featured in season three of The Haunted Hunts?

16. What is the piece of equipment designed by The Haunted Hunts lead investigator Danny Moss?

17. What is the name of the production company behind The Haunted Hunts?

18. Which of these paranormal investigators has featured on The Haunted Hunts Amazon Prime show?

19. Which line is often heard on The Haunted Hunts Amazon Prime show?

20. How many episodes will be in season four of The Haunted Hunts?


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