The Most Unusual Haunted Places

September 26, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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When you think of haunted locations you probably conjure up an image of a dark and sinister looking castle, perhaps a historic pub or inn, a grand old hotel or an abandoned and dilapidated asylum, but the truth is people see ghosts in all sorts of places, below are some of the most unexpected.

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

There are several toilets around the world that are said to be haunted, but apparently the most haunted toilets in the world can be found in Chester, England. The Frodsham Street public toilets are said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who took his own life near to the present day location of the facilities. He's been given the nickname "Tom" and has been described as one of Chester's "most disturbing ghosts" by the local paper. Tom, who naturally haunts the gents, is seen holding a razor blade to his wrist and wearing 1960s style clothing.

Burger King

Burger King

Next time you're tucking into a Whopper, you might want to check that the restaurant is free of spooks first, especially if you're eating at Burger King's West Palm Beach branch in Florida. The ghost of a young man, dubbed "the Burger Prince", has been seen several times by staff at the restaurant. The janitor's encounter with the phantom is said to have been so unsettling that he quit his job.

Coronation Street

Coronation Streets

You may be surprised to learn that the iconic set of the long-running British soap is said to be haunted. Apparently, Corrie actors have reported supernatural occurrences on the old set for years, many believing it to be the ghost of Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner in the soap before her death in 1986.

Sue Cleaver, famous for playing Eileen Grimshaw in the soap said, "I can tell you that when you're filming late at night, when you're walking down the cobbles, it's quite a spooky place." She added, "so many people have seen and felt the same things that there has to be something in it."

Even the famous bar in the iconic Rovers Return is said to be haunted, many actors reporting being touched or pushed in this area of the studio. Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald, said "from what I know, stage one where the Rovers' bar is, that is apparently the place where most sightings are."

In 2017, a Catholic Priest was called in to perform an exorcism on the studio grounds ahead of a music event that was due to take place at the Manchester studios. While preparing for the three-day music festival, a band were freaked out by noises and even exploding equipment. There were also reports of "banging noises" and even poltergeist activity.

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Have you ever spotted a ghost while doing your weekly big shop? Thought not, but one shopper at the Skegness branch of Tesco claimed to have captured footage of "ghostly food" in a supermarket trolley, which he believed was a sign from his late gran telling him to buy some bread.

The man spotted an abandoned empty trolley in the store's carpark and approached it, claiming it had an "eerie" feel to it. As he got closer he noticed that the reflection of the trolley in the store's window showed that it was full of food, including bread. He whipped out his phone to film the phenomenon and in the video you can clearly see that the food is only visible in the reflection and the trolley is completely empty.

Capital FM

Capital FM London

A modern and high-tech radio studio seems like the last place to be haunted, but staff at the radio station's studios at 28 Leicester Square, London often blame technical problems and strange sounds on hauntings but few realise the building's horrifying past that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's story of Jekyll and Hyde.

The building, now a bar on street level with the radio studios and offices above, used to be the home of Glaswegian surgeon, John Hunter. The property was a beautiful town house on Charing Cross Road, where he welcomed his clients it connected through to an anatomy theatre which in turn connect to another building in Leicester Square.

It was this back entrance in Leicester Square through which it is said thousands of corpse were delivered for dissection. all of which to add to Hunter's anatomy museum, fuelling his obsession with cutting up everything and anything he could lay his hands, giving him the nickname The Knife Man.

Hunter was one of London's most respected doctors, even offering his services to King George III but his demanded for a constant supply of corpses remained and it was this contrast, Hunter's purpose-built home to support his double life that inspired the character Jekyll and Hyde.



Sadly, we're not about to tell you that the ghost of Ronald McDonald has been spotted at one of his restaurants. But at the Derby branch of the fast food chain, customers has reported seeing a ghostly apparition wearing a long black raincoat. The figure is said to emerge from a wall from the adjoining Miss Selfridge clothing store.

This isn't the only case of a haunted McDonald's restaurant, a branch in South East London, which is built on the site of an old United reformed church, is said to have a haunted basement which was once the church's crypt. Staff working at the restaurant have reported witnessing undisclosed paranormal activity in this part of the building.


Cinderella's Castle

Disneyland in California is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but despite this it is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including the spirit of Walt Disney himself. When Walt visited the park he used to stay in a room in the Main Street Fire Station and a lamp was turned on in the window to signal to employees he was there.

A cleaner working in the room after his death was surprised to discover the lamp turned on one day. She turned it off, only to find it turned back on moments later. She claims that she turned if off two more times and each time, it turned back on on its own.

Coffee Shops

We live in a world fuelled by coffee and every day millions of us relax in our favourite coffee shop to the sound of soothing jazz music. The last thing we'd expect to find there is a ghost. Well, we don't have any stories of actual hauntings in coffee shops, but we had to include this amazing paranormal coffee shop prank...


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