The World's Most Dangerous Potion Ingredients

January 09, 2017 9:25 AM ‐ Potions

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Potion Ingredients
From time to time I use an ingredient in my potion videos and people complain saying the ingredient is dangerous, could kill people if they drunk it or just that it is cruel to use such an ingredient. There's no rhyme or reason to what people do and don't find offensive, however there are some patterns emerging.

If I use things obtained from animals that no one really likes, for example a bat's wing, beetle guts or fermented spider eye, that's fine, no one has an issue with that at all.

But when I used a rabbit's foot, despite the fact some people carry a rabbit's foot as a lucky charm, viewers get angry and complain about my ingredient choice. So, it's a no to a rabbit's foot, but a lizard's leg is perfectly acceptable.

The same applies for mythical creatures too, you know the type that don't even exist like dragons and unicorns, despite a comment on one of my videos today "unicorns are real they are even mentioned in the bible" ...right.

If I should dare touch a unicorn and use its hoof, teeth or blood I get some very angry comments, presumably from those who believe that I'll be forced to endure a forced, half-life if I slay a unicorn but the time I pulled a fresh dragon's stomach out of a pot of slime... no problem with that at all.

People were also fine with me using raven's blood, a sparrow's brain, crow's eyes and vulture’s blood, so clearly people aren't too sentimental when in comes to birds... or perhaps just flying things in general as dragonfly's wing and German bat's blood are also appropriate.

Children's literature is packed full of similar ingredients where potion make is involved, things like eye of newt, toe of frog and fairy fingers... I think my younger YouTube subscribers might have a problem with fairy fingers actually.
Kelapine Heart

A parent commented on one of my videos this week saying, "I started watching with my daughter thinking 'what a good project for my little angel' then it got to the bit with the heart and I was like WTF?"

This is in reference to the kelapine heart that I use in one of my mermaid potion videos. I think it's really odd that people find the heart in this video offensive because let's face it, have you ever seen a kelapine? Do you have an emotional attachment to them as a species?

Admittedly, my ingredient may have been a bit bloody but it's not like I showed the slaughter of an innocent kelapine, also I feel that if people knew a little more about kelapines they would fall into the same category as the bat, beetle and frog.

The kelapine heart is the most controversial ingredient in my videos but some popular children's stories have also been criticised for their use of sick ingredients.
"One thousand long slimy crocodile tongues boiled up in the skull of a dead witch for twenty days and nights with the eyeballs of a lizard! Add the fingers of a young monkey, the gizzard of a pig, the beak of a green parrot, the juice of a porcupine, and three spoonfuls of sugar. Stew for another, then let the moon do the rest!"
Roald Dahl - James And The Giant Peach
While some parents and teachers have complained about the grisly ingredients in Roald Dahl's classic, J. K. Rowling seems to have got away with similar potion ingredients in the Harry Potter series which features things like bat spleen, beetle eye, caterpillar and frog brain.

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