Top 10 Best Television Bromances

December 20, 2013 5:33 PM ‐ Television

I've ventured through sci-fi classic, retro kids television and current reality TV to bring you the top ten friendship to ever grace the small screen.

10. Zack And Screech

Zack And Screech

We start with an absolute 90s TV classic. Saved By The Bell was set in Bayside High School where Zack Morris and Screech Powers are best friends. The relationship between Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Dustin Diamond's characters was probably the first television bromance we ever saw, so the guys clearly deserve a place in our top ten.

9. Bret And Jemaine

Bret And Jemaine

Kiwis Bret and Jemaine move to New York to start their music career and find that all they have is each other, well and their strange manager Murray. The guys share a bedroom, spend all their time together and singer together - it's just so sweet.

8. Mr. G And Rodney

Mr G And Rodney

Summer Heights High drama teacher Mr Greg Gregson and science teacher are probably our favourite TV chums. Mr G's sexuality is subtly hinted at in the Aussie comedy, as for Rodeny, we think he's straight but he often heads on over to Mr G's after school and cooks for him.

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7. David Walliams And Simon Cowell

David Walliams And Simon Cowell

A new entry! They might not have been on our screens together for long but Britains' Got Talent's newest judge, David Walliams and Simon Cowell have already formed a pretty special bond. The pair, who were recently snapped enjoying a day in the park together have a friendship never seen before talent show judges before, especially one as miserable as Simon. It seems David's new aim in life is so to get on Simon's nerves and amazingly, Simon lets him get away with it - Photo Twitter.

6. Kirk And Spock

Kirk And Spock

OK, we're entering the realms of science fiction here but Captain James T Kirk and Spock are easily one of TV's longest running bormances. The pair boldly went where no man had gone before in 79 episodes of Star Trek and then went on to star alongside each other in six feature films - a relationship spanning a massive 25 years.

5. J.D. and Turk

J.D. and Turk

Scrub's J.D. and Turk have formed a strong bond while working together at Sacred Heart. Not only do they have pet names for each other, that's Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear in case you were wonder, they finish each others' sentences and even performed a song together entitled 'Guy Love'. As if that wasn't enough, when Carla kicked Turk out of bed, where does he go? Straight to J.D.'s bed.

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4. Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes And Dr Watson

The story of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr. John Watson is a classic British story. In 2011 the characters were brought back to life in a new BBC version of Sherlock. This time. This time round Sherlock is played by Dominic Cumberbatch and The Office's Martin Freeman steps up to play Watson. The new modern interpretation of the tales from Baker Street see Sherlock and Watson getting chummier than they ever have before - Picture BBC.

3. Chandler And Joey

Chandler And Joey

The one where Chandler and Joey moved out of their apartment and went their own seperate way was a sad moment in the history of Friends. The boys lived across the hallway from Monica's apartment until Chandler and Monica get it on at Ross and Emily's wedding and Chandler packs his stuff and moves across the hallway putting an end to life with The Chick and The Duck, lazy boys and foosball.

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2. Bert And Ernie

Bert And Ernie

Best buds don't come much closer than Sesame Street's Burt and Ernie. They live together, they, they eat together, they bath together and they even share a bedroom. They do sleep in seperate beds though, at least when the cameras are on anyway. The characters were originally played by Frank Oz and Muppets creator, Jim Henson.

1. Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

In the world of TV, Ant and Dec have never been apart. They started their career together as PJ and Duncan in retro kids' TV classic Byker Grove. The Geordie duo moved on from children's television to conquer the world of light entertainment. The pair currently present behind the curtains on Britains' Got Talent and head down under once a year for I' m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. In terms of TV friendships, we don't think there's a bromance tighter anywhere - Photo ITV Pictures.


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