Tracy-Ann Oberman Opens Up About Her Uncanny Supernatural Experience

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Tracy-Ann Oberman & Lincoln Cathedral
British actress, Tracy-Ann Oberman, known for her appearances in 'Friday Night Dinner', 'Toast Of London' and 'Doctor Who' has recently talked about her encounter with "utter pure evil".

Tracy-Ann told her story, that took place in 2010, on the latest episode of Danny Robins' paranormal podcast series, 'Uncanny'. In the episode, the last in the series, which is available on BBC Sounds now, Tracy-Ann described the terrifying moment she was "taken out of the world" in Lincoln cathedral.

Danny included Tracy-Ann's experience in his podcast because of the striking similarities to a case he'd been investigating throughout the series, that of Ken. In the 1980s, Ken witnessed a haunting that terrorised him and several other students from Queen's University Belfast. He described the presence in his student accommodation as "pure distilled evil."

Tracy-Ann contacted Danny because she had heard Ken's story and was struck by the similarity. Her brush with evil occurred far from Belfast though. While driving back from filming one day, the M1 motorway became gridlocked, so she decided to kill some time by pulling off and visiting the ancient cathedral town of Lincoln.

Tracy-Ann told Danny, "I'm a sucker for a cathedral and I walked into the cathedral and I thought 'actually this is a really nice cathedral'." She described the scene, which included families looking around the historic building, which holds the title of being the fourth largest cathedral in the country.

But the building's beauty soon faded for Tracy-Ann as something dark took over her. She told the podcast host, "I walked down one of the corridors and I had a really odd sensation, it was like everything else zoomed out. All the noise, all the other people, it was like I was totally on my own."

The actress described the terrifying sensation, "there wasn't anything else around, no sound, no light. It was like I had been totally taken out of the world and I was being drawn down this corridor towards something that was utterly terrifying, and it was just pulling me, pulling me, pulling me toward it."

Tracy-Ann continued, "all other sensations had gone and ahead of me was this sort of looming black entity. It was huge, absolutely huge."

In the first episode of the 'Uncanny' podcast series, Danny's guest witness, Ken, had described the presence in his room. He'd said, "the first thing that struck me because I was analysing this data as much as possible, was that I'd never seen anything so black, I think it was just the blackest black I'd ever seen."

Danny asked Tracy-Ann to describe the entity she'd seen. She said, "the only thing I can describe is it was just evil, utter pure evil." Ken had also used the word evil to describe his experience. He'd told Danny, "there was a very, very strong sense of pure, distilled evil coming from this figure."

Tracy-Ann told Danny, "I definitely think I felt evil and I definitely felt a fear that went beyond my understanding of fear."

She continued with her story, "it was terrifying and my heart's racing even as I talk to you about it. I just felt absolute fear and I had to almost break free of it."

Then all of sudden, the evil subsided. Tracy-Ann said, "it was suddenly like I'd pulled out and I was back in Lincoln Cathedral and families, people, noise, everything was back again. And I just literally ran out the cathedral."

Like Ken, who had his experience in Room 611 of Alanbrooke Hall, Tracy-Ann has also been desperately trying to make sense of what happened to her and why she experienced it. She said, "even afterwards when I was listening to the podcast, I was thinking how would I analyse that and try and find a logical explanation for it?"

Tracy-Ann said she automatically questioned, "is it because I was Jewish?" She also wondered whether it could have been down to the atmosphere or history of the building, "is it because cathedrals don't make you feel very nice because so much persecution went on? But I remember consciously thinking 'what a lovely place'."

Danny told listeners, "I wanted to include Tracy-Ann's story because I want to say that as weird and frightening as Ken's story is, he is not alone. There are people all over the world having these experiences, all like Ken and Tracy-Ann struggling to make sense of them, but maybe the frightening thing is that they don't make sense."

After speaking to Tracy-Ann Danny did some research on Lincoln cathedral to try to make sense of things, "I discovered that the body of a young boy was buried there. The boy had been murdered in mediaeval times, and it was falsely claimed that it had been done by the town's Jewish community. 19 Jews were executed in revenge."

Danny asks, "what if that does somehow leave an echo, a shadow behind?"

Tracy-Ann's story was just part of a huge update on Ken's case that featured in the final episode of the supernatural podcast series. The episode also presented listeners with updates on some of the most gripping cases from the series. Including some new information on the Luibeilt case, a revelation relating to the case of journalist Hannah Betts and her haunted childhood home, and answers to questions raised by last week's episode about the haunting of Tanfield House.

The episode ended with an announcement from Danny that 'Uncanny' would be returning in the future for a second season. He also told listeners to "watch this space" for a new project that will focus on another case like 'The Battersea Poltergeist'. Danny will once again examine the story over multiple episodes bringing listeners a mix of drama and documentary.

Danny offered up a huge thank you to all of the witnesses who featured in the series and said, "it's scary having one of these experiences, but it could be even scarier telling people about it."

You can find out more about Ken's story and the other cases in the series here. If you've missed any of 'Uncanny', you can listen to all episodes on demand now on BBC Sounds.

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