What Is A Treckalow Worm?

January 14, 2016 12:59 PM ‐ Potions

This article is more than six years old and was last updated in June 2017.

The symbian, moloclorium worm commonly found in Western lower areas of the highlands of South Lower Africa and parts of China.

Treckalow Worm
The worm has a peripheral nervous system consisting of two ganglia above the mouth, one on either side, connected to a nerve cord running back along its length to motor neurons and sensory cells in each segment.

The worm's anus is located at the end of the worm.

Treckalow worms are often grown and harvested for their use in potion making, because they are hermaphrodites they have both male and female sex bits, this gives them large quantities of belatine in their body.

Belatine is a powerful sadodrilamic substance which counterfies mental energy which speeds up potion brewing and intensified the natural sub-lateral energies of the ingredients.


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