Trying A Business Success Spell Kit

By Steve Higgins
March 10, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Business Success Potion Review
We got our hands on a business success spell kit from a magical little witchcraft store called the Cat & Cauldron in Glastonbury. We could all do with having things go our way, so we thought we'd give it a go and let you know what it's like.

This is the first time I've done a spell, well a real one anyway, and the experience was both enjoyable and positive. As any Wiccan will tell you, real magic isn't waving a wand a saying "wingardium leviosa," real magic empowers us to make changes in the world around us, whether that be to better our lives, or putting us in a positive mindset to attract love or achieve our goals.

In the case of this pre-prepared spell kit the aim of the ritual is to focus the mind on seeking out opportunities in order to excel in future or existing business ventures... at least that's what I believe the outcome of this will be, the beauty is you can make of it what you want, it's down to your own magical intent.

The kits are sold with the promise that they too are made with serious magical intent and in fact, they're put together in the shop from an array of apothecary-style jars behind the counter. The kit's maker make it clear that these aren't instant solutions to problems and that the words of any incantation must come from you, "for your intent and will to be strong."

At first glance the kits seem a little pricey, but the cost is about the same as it would be to buy all of the items individually. Upon opening the ziplock bag and emptying out the contents I found there's quite a bit in the kit, so it's actually pretty good value for money. The small jar of oil can be used after the spell, either in an oil burner or to add to bath water, and there's plenty of incense in the pouch for further use too.

The bag also includes a good quality beeswax candle and three charcoal blocks which are used for burning the incense. So, even if you didn't use the incense or oil in future, you could still perform the spell three times with the items included.

The kit also included a small, green, fabric pouch, inside which was a polished brown stone. I'm not really familiar with gems and stones but would guess it was either jasper or agate. There was also a nut or shelled seed, again I'm not too sure exactly what it was, but these "relevant natural objects" act as charms in the spell.

The Spell Ritual

Business Success Potion Review

The kit comes with a scroll of very simple instructions, which are very easy to follow, even for a beginner like me. I recommend reading through this a few times before you begin so that you are familiar with the steps, this will allow you to focus on your intent more clearly rather than being distracted by reading the instructions as you go.

The first step is to anoint the green candle with some of the hand-blended business success oil, which is made from pure essential oil. To do this dab a little of the oil on to your fingers and then lightly coat the body of the candle. As you do this, remember to focus on your intent and concentrate on the reason why you are doing this.

Next I was instructed to take one of the charcoal discs, place it in an incense burner and light it. This step can take a little while as it takes time for the charcoal to burn through. Once the block has turn grey, place a small pinch of the incense on the block. The incense is also a hand-blended mix, which appears to include several different dried leaves and herbs and actually smells really nice.

The next step was to draw your charm or crystal through the incense smoke three times while reciting the words below. I decided to repeat this step twice and use both the stone and the seed.

Great spirits of the Earth,
The creation and beginning of all ventures,
Solid foundation, strong and true,
Give success I pray you, to my new venture.

Again, throughout all of this you should be focusing on your intent. The final step is to visualise a green-coloured light spreading outwards from the charms, adding energy to your venture. This was easy for me as I was performing the spell in my study and the items were placed on my desk, so it was easy to imagine this empowering energy spreading across the place where I do my business.

Once this final step is complete, the instructions say you should place the charged charms in a place in your home that is special to you and let it do its work. The study is my favourite room in my house as it is a reflection of my success up to this point and is basically my man cave. So, I placed the stone in a prominent spot on the shelf above my desk. I placed the seed in my bedroom on a shelf amongst some of my most treasure memories and keepsakes.

The whole process was good fun, positive and actually quite relaxing as I eliminated all distractions before I began. All of the items included are of a really good quality, from the oil, to the incense and the candle. Having a spell like this in kit form with such easy-to-follow instructions is a great way to try out the art of witchcraft for beginners.

If you'd like to try this spell yourself, you can buy it online at, as well as several other spells including spell kits to bring abundance, love, happiness and protection. I for one would love to try some more of the kits.

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