Trying An Anti-Bully Spell

By Steve Higgins
May 31, 2020 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Bully Off Spell Kit
If you're bothered by bullies, either at school, in your workplace or members of your family, then this 'Bully Off' spell kit might be for you.

The pre-packed spell kit was bought from the Cat & Cauldron, a witchcraft store in the magical town of Glastonbury and has everything you need to perform a ritual to banish a bully. Like all magic, this spell is designed to empower you to make changes in the world around us, whether that be to better your lives, or putting you in a positive mindset to overcome bullies.

Throughout the ritual you need to focus on your intent, in this case it will be on a happy life without the bully in the picture. Focus on the positive effects, like a stress free life, strength and empowerment, rather than the negative of dwelling on the bully themselves.

The kits are sold with the promise that they too are made with serious magical intent and in fact, they're put together in the shop from an array of apothecary-style jars behind the counter. The kit's maker makes it clear that these aren't instant solutions to problems and that the words of any incantation must come from you, "for your intent and will to be strong."

The bully off spell kit includes pretty much everything you'll need to perform a spell, even if it's your first time. The only item you might need which isn't included in the set is an incense burner that's suitable for burning charcoal discs. If you don't have one, you can also use a cauldron or a bowl filled with sand. The set does however include three charcoal discs.

The items that are included in the kit are a small jar of essential oils, a small plastic ziplock bag of incense and a good quality black beeswax candle. This colour candle is often burnt during spells revolving around banishing negativity and retribution.

The kit also included a small, blue, fabric pouch, inside which is secret blend of dried spices. There is also a small piece of polished black agate, a grounding and protective crystal. This type of stone gives you balance and stability, and allows you to deal with fear-based emotional issues, overcome negativity and increase self understanding.

The Bully Off Spell Ritual

Bully Off Spell Kit

The kit comes with a scroll of very simple instructions, which are easy to follow. I recommend reading through this a few times before you begin so that you are familiar with the steps, this will allow you to focus on your intent more clearly rather than being distracted by following the instructions as you go.

The first step is to anoint the black candle with some of the hand-blended "bully off oil", which is made from pure essential oil. To do this dab a little of the oil on to your fingers and then lightly coat the body of the candle. As you do this, remember to focus on your intent and concentrate on the reason why you are performing this spell.

The instructions next say to take one of the charcoal discs, place it in an incense burner and light it. This step can take a little while as it takes time for the charcoal to burn through, so you might want to do this step first. Once the block has turned grey, place a small pinch of the incense on the block. The incense is also a hand-blended mix and is a really good quality incense that's perfect for using on this type of burner and can be used again after the spell.

The next step was to draw your black agate crystal through the incense smoke three times while reciting the words below three times.

May he which I wish to be rid of,
Pass from me and not return,
Pass from me and not return,
Pass from me and not return.

Again, throughout all of this you should be focusing on your intent. Concentrate on your happy life without the unhappiness the bully brings you, focus on being open to this new-found positivity entering into your life. The final step is to visualise a white light spreading outwards from the crystal, separating you from the negative person in you your life.

Once this final step is complete, the instructions say you should place the charged crystal back in its bag and to place the bag somewhere in your home and "let it do it's work."

This is a fun spell to perform, it was a positive and relaxing experience, as I eliminated all distractions before I began, and gave me a timeout to focus on the positives in my life.

All of the items included are of a really good quality, from the oil, to the incense and the candle. Having a spell like this in kit form with such easy-to-follow instructions is a great way to try out the art of witchcraft for beginners.

If you'd like to try this spell yourself, you can buy it online at, as well as several other spells including spell kits to bring business success, love, happiness and protection.

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