The Ultimate ParaPod Quiz

May 20, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalThe ParaPod
With The ParaPod movie due to be released later this year, it's time to brush up your knowledge the everyone's favourite paranormal podcast.

Can you answer these twenty super difficult questions based around Barry Dodd's accounts of some of the most famous hauntings, myths and cover-ups.

The questions in these quiz revolve around all three series of the The ParaPod, in which Barry debates the paranormal, mysteries and conspiracy theories with his co-host on the podcast Ian Boldsworth.

1. In the ParaPod Halloween Special, Ian and Barry spent a night at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, but what was the name of the neighbour they interviewed?

2. Which song by The Beatles does Barry day contains the words "Paul is dead" when played backwards?

3. Barry tested out photo app on his phone by sending a picture of his balls to his mum, but what was the app?

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4. An animatronic version of which celebrity stole a pound from Barry?

5. Barry had a memorable night with a man called Neil and a video camera in which room of the Schooner Hotel?

6. Who was the fictional person behind the plot of Ian's made up story that convinced Barry that JFK was assassinated because of his alleged affair with Maralyn Monroe?

7. Who is the owner of the house that Barry and Ian spent the night in for their Halloween special?

8. At which Nottingham venue did Barry and Ian perform an impromptu live version of the ParaPod?

9. Who is the only expert that Barry trusts, a regular emailer to the show?

10. Which game did Barry liken the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York to?

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11. Who does Barry claim "puts stuff in the water that makes toads gay?"

12. What was the name of the talking mongoose that Barry discussed in the live edition of the ParaPod?

13. What did Ian speculate was the cause in a spike in the electromagnetic field when Barry was demonstrating his EMF meter in a ParaPod Extra episode?

14. When trying to convince us that the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident really took place, Barry played us some audio recorded by who?

15. Which former US president did Barry take on the role of when talking about secret societies?

16. Which artist's painting did Barry and Ian discuss in the second series of the podcast?

17. What was the name of the local radio show that organised the first ghost hunt Barry attended at Beamish Hall when he was 15?

18. What did Barry use the acronym 'DUMB' in reference to?

19. Who is the paranormal researcher that Barry mentions during the podcast on the Doris Bither case?

20. What does Barry claim the moon sounds like?


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