BBC Officially Announces Details Of The 'Uncanny' TV Spin-Off Series

February 14, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ PodcastsParanormalTelevision

This article is more than one year old and was last updated in February 2024.

Danny Robins has announced that his paranormal podcast "Uncanny' will return in 2023 for a second series plus some television specials on BBC Two and iPlayer.

Danny Robins, Uncanny on Television
Danny Robins has been teasing fans of his hit paranormal podcast 'Uncanny' that the series was set to make the leap to television. Finally, the BBC have officially announced that there will be three one-hour-long television specials that will land on BBC Two and iPlayer later this year.

With almost five million plays on BBC Sounds, plus three million downloads globally, the 'Uncanny' podcast has captivated audiences with its hair-raising tales of ghostly encounters and the downright weird, each story told firsthand by those who lived through them. And now, the popular show is making the transition to the small screen, ready to ignite the debate with tales that seem to defy logical explanation.

Dubbed "the UK's go-to ghost guy," join Danny as he delves into the depths of the paranormal and investigates whether ghosts really do exist. With expert analysis and intriguing investigations, 'Uncanny' promises to be as big a hit on television as it has proven to be as a podcast.

Uncanny has already won over both skeptics and believers alike, and now, with its move to BBC Two and iPlayer, it's set to be a TV sensation. Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning at Specialist Factual, said. "'Uncanny' is a sensational podcast that has proved to be a huge hit on BBC Sounds, and it’s going to be every bit as spine-chilling when it makes the transition to BBC Two and iPlayer later this year."

In a BBC press release, Danny said, "I've been blown away by the response to Uncanny. We’ve built an incredible community around the show, many of whom never realised how interested in the paranormal they were! I'm incredibly excited to get the chance to both continue the podcast and adapt it for TV, as we explore that biggest of all questions - 'do ghosts exist'? I promise it will be scary and fascinating in equal measure - so, do you dare watch?"

For those who can't get enough of the paranormal, don't worry. You can get your fix of chills and thrills from Danny's huge podcast hits, 'The Battersea Poltergeist' and his 2022 series, 'The Witch Farm'. Both of which are available to listen to in full on BBC Sounds.

It was October 2021 when Danny dropped the first episode of 'Uncanny', and with 15 episodes, the series ran until early 2022. If like many listeners, you're anxiously waiting for more tales of ghosts and the paranormal delivered in that chilling and enthralling way that only 'Uncanny' can, then the announcement of the television spin-off will be welcome news.

But, your 'Uncanny' fix may be coming sooner than you think. In a recent Christmas specials, Danny told listeners that they can expect a new series of the podcast in the coming months, which meant that he was on the look out for more strange stories. He told listeners in the podcast, which dropped on BBC Sounds on December 21, "I wanna hear your own stories of strange experiences, because 'Uncanny' will be back with a brand new series next year." He added, "so if you believe you have seen a ghost, or a UFO, or had any other encounters you would class as potentially paranormal, from strange beasts to dark folklore, get in touch."

'Uncanny' is produced by the award-winning BBC Studios Documentary Unit, behind such hit shows as 'Fight The Power with Chuck D' and 'Lucy Worsley Investigates'. With Danny at the helm, hailed as "a latter day Alfred Hitchcock" and "a contemporary Van Helsing", 'Uncanny' is set to be a hit when it comes to screens later this year.

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