'Uncanny USA' Quiz

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Uncanny USA
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Danny Robins returned for a new series of his hit paranormal podcast, but this time he was on an American road trip, tackling terrifying tales from poltergeists to Bigfoot, haunted telephones, and mass UFO sightings. Now that you've heard all ten episodes, see how much you remember about each of the cases with this tricky trivia quiz.

1. Wendy was shocked when her late father's old, disconnected phone starts ringing by itself, but what did her dad do for a living?

2. In episode three, Danny spoke to Lisa about her experience with a poltergeist, but where was the house where the events occurred?

3. What did Lisa's daughter Brooke witness that was particularly unsettling?

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4. How does Fred describe the Bigfoot figure he sees behind the outhouse?

5. What is the title of the fifth episode of 'Uncanny USA'?

6. What did Fred arm himself with when they decided to make a break for the river while surrounded by hairy creatures?

7. What was the name of the witness who told Danny about his experience with a ghostly burnt man?

8. What major event was the apparition of the "burnt man" originally thought to be connected to?

9. What was the cause of the house fire reported by a ghostly called in 'What Lies Beyond'?

10. Where did Sarah have her unsettling encounter in 2015?

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11. What is the title of the first episode of 'Uncanny USA'?

12. What was the name of Marcus' aunt who warned him not mess with Ouija boards before she did in rising floodwaters New Orleans?

13. Where does Fred's encounter with Bigfoot like creatures take place?

14. In one episode, Danny was only joined by one expert rather than his usual two, but who was it?

15. What was the name of the emergency call handler from Maine who heard a ghostly voice in a call?

16. After his UFO encounter, Tom noticed which two members of his family had mysteriously swapped seats in the car?

17. As well as Tom Reed and Tom Warner, who else did Danny talk to who witnessed the Labour Day UFOs in Massachusetts in 1969?

18. What type of telephone did Wendy receive calls from her late father on?

19. How did Eldon describe the apparition he saw while sleeping on the porch of his grandparent's funeral parlour?

20. What did Arthur Grant allegedly say to Kerrie during one unnerving experience?


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