Vampire Potion Ingredients

May 17, 2017 8:25 AM ‐ Potions

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If you've ever wanted to become a vampire then you can use this simple potion to make your wish come true. You'll just need a few simple ingredients including German bat's blood, garlic, cherries and chocolate sprinkles.

1. Midnight

Vampire Potion Ingredient 1

To brew a vampire potion successfully it should be done at midnight which occurs most days at around twelve o'clock AM.

2. Light A Candle

Vampire Potion Ingredient 2

First, carefully light a candle using a match, gas lighter or your magic wand.

3. Clap

Vampire Potion Ingredient 3

Then clap three times to awaken the spirit of Lord Jacob Edward Twilight.

4. Put The Candle Out

Vampire Potion Ingredient 4

Using your lungs, expel air through your mouth in away that will extinguish the candle, basically... blow the candle out and dispose of it.

5. Light Another Candle

Vampire Potion Ingredient 5

Get a brand new fresh candle and light it in exactly the same way as before, do not use the same candle.

6. Kremsin Chalice

Vampire Potion Ingredient 6

Then you'll need a chalice to mix your potion in, I'm using a Kremsin Chalice.

7. German Bat's Blood

Vampire Potion Ingredient 7

The first ingredient you'll need is some fresh German bat's blood. Pour a whole vile into your chalice. You can get German bat's blood from any German bat.

8. Clove Of Garlic

Vampire Potion Ingredient 8

Next add on clove of garlic, also known as a "poor man's treacle."

9. Cherries

Vampire Potion Ingredient 9

Then add two galcรฉ cherries, you can use fresh cherries too but you probably won't.

10. Chocolate Sprinkles

Vampire Potion Ingredient 10

The final ingredient you'll need is some chocolate sprinkles. Sprinkle in a few sprinkle's worth of the sprinkles.

11. Drink

Vampire Potion Ingredient 11

Drink the chalice and wait for your transformation to occur.

12. No Reflection

Vampire Potion Ingredient 12

The easiest way to know if you're a vampire or not is to check if you have a reflection.

13. Teeth

Vampire Potion Ingredient 13

Also, the massive teeth and craving for human blood is a bit of a giveaway that you are in fact a vampire.

Once you're a vampire, you may have to change a few aspects of your lifestyle, for example you'll no longer be able to go out in sunlight or drive wooden stakes through your heart.

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