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The ParaPod Movie
The ParaPod is the first podcast to become a feature film. It will star Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds, who started their journey into the paranormal together when they sat down to record the podcast's first episode in 2015. Since then there has been a total of 30 episodes, as well as a handful of specials and sell-out live shows, which have notched up 2.3m downloads.

In the movie the comic duo take to Britain's roads in a suitably modified Hearse, going head-to-head as Barry tries with increasing desperation to convince his skeptical friend about the existence of ghosts at some of the country's allegedly most haunted locations.

It's not going to be a documentary as such, and neither is it a flat-out comedy film, but initial reviews suggest the movie promises to be tense and even scary in places, but delivers the ParaPod's trademark conflict and hilarity, under the tagline, "you won't believe it... but he will."

So far details of where and how you can watch The ParaPod Movie are unconfirmed, but the movie has had its debut screening at a premiere event in London, and in March will embark on a limited cinema tour. There's also talk of a digital on demand release so fans can stream the film, plus the potential of a limited run of Blu-ray.

London Premiere

Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square – Tuesday 7th January
The first chance to see the finished film was at a premiere screening event that took place in London's glitzy Leicester Square, the UK's home of movie premieres. The one-off, sell-out screening was introduced by Ian and Barry who hosted a Q&A afterwards.

Tickets Available

From March 2020 the movie goes on tour to a limited number of cinemas. The first ten events announced include a Q&A after the film with Ian and Barry. Tickets are selling fast, but don't worry, more dates will be announced soon.

For more details on these ten initial screenings and for more dates as they are added, check theparapod.com.

Bristol EverymanMonday 9th March - buy now
Chester StoryhouseFriday 13th March - buy now
Birmingham M.A.CSaturday 14th March - buy now
London EverymanWednesday 17th March - buy now
Nottingham SavoyThursday 19th March - buy now
Glasgow EverymanWednesday 25th March - buy now
Halifax Chapel Square Arts CentreSunday 19th April - buy now
Leeds CarriageworksSaturday 2nd May - buy now
Stockton on Tees ARC – Monday 4th May - buy now
Sale WatersideSunday 10th May - buy now

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Streaming & Home Media

Full details of the movie's release have not yet been announced, but there's been unconfirmed talk of a limited Blu-ray release, the possibility of making the film available as a digital download for a limited time, and most likely will end up being available on a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Vimeo.

Watch The Trailer

Keep Up To Date

To make sure you don't miss out on announcements of new screening dates, and news on digital releases and streaming, make sure you follow @theparapod on Twitter for the latest information.

That'll keep you up to speed, but if you want to stay ahead of the curve and become part of an exclusive crowd that gets the news first, the best way to make sure you don't miss any updates is to join Ian's Infinite Hermit Patreon page. You can get access to these updates, exclusive previews, sneak peeks, and deleted scenes from The ParaPod Movie by supporting his work for as little as $1 a month.

You can also keep up with the latest news on the ParaPod Movie here (although normally a few weeks behind Patreon), and re-listen to the original podcast with our episode guide.

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